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The biggest
problem is we do
not listen to
We listen to reply.


It is terrifying to think that one day you will trust somebody enough to let them see you naked. You will undress and remind them that you’ve stretch marks and birth marks and scars from having chicken pox when you were little and scars from all of the other things now. You will blush thousands of shades of red, painting yourself as a rose losing its petals. And that person - that person will take it all in. And I wonder if they will reassure you. But mostly, I wonder if they will even see anything worth reassuring you about. I hope they see each freckle on your back as if it’s a star and you are the whole universe to them

What if you wake up one morning and you’re in bed with the love of your life and they have their arm around you and their snoring like a fcking hole, but you can’t help but to smile and you hear a baby crying and it finally hits you, you’ve made it. you beat the demons inside you, the voices, the darkness. I look forward to that, to knowing I made it.

(( You’re just a sad song with nothing to say ))

Have you ever loved your idol so much that it feels like you're
the only fan who loves them and you'll do anything for them and you hope they'll do the same for you but then you realize there are a million other people who feel the same way and it makes you feel less important?


      she                                                                                                                he
      writes a list                                                                                   writes a list
      of all the things                                                                     of all the things
      she hates about herself                                                   he loves about her
      in just one word                                                                  in just one word

      everything                                                                                 everything


With Steve gone, I feel as though Witty is going to turn into an online version of Lord of the Flies.

Deffinition of WittWar: Basically This.
Real life examples:
Raj vs Eric

Tibutes vs Annoyed users
Directioners vs Non-directioners 
Jonas fans vs anti jonas fans

Related terms: 
The rest of witty that has absolutley no clue what is happening even though they are living in the middle of a warzone


I think feminism should be called something different.
like maybe common sense or something