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Mackenzie Ireland

I'm fifteen, and living life to the fullest, because you

don't live twice. I love my family and friends, and I'm

in an amazing relationship. I love converse and shiny

things. Enough of that one direction stuff... Daughtry

is where it's at. (: Follow my really cool friend Alexis?

(vintagekissesx) <3




Quotes by KenzieDarling97

What is more

important.. the journey?

or the destination?

Hey i'm doing a school project and am asking a question for a video i'm making. So PLEASE answer :)

1) How does one find themself
2) How does someone lose themselves

Please and thank you


Passionate kisses in the pouring rain
Looking at the stars together
Sitting on the dock hand in hand
All night phone calls
Goodmorning texts
Picking me up and holding me
Fooling around
Telling eachother everything and anything

That's my relationship, i'm hoping it doesn't ever go away


Witty Advice Needed!
My boyfriend and I started dating two months ago
He used to smoke pot all of the time
but he stopped when he started dating me
He just did for the first time in two months today
How can I convince him that I can't let this ruin what we have....??



Your future creates itself on its own. it's made to be that way. Live your life in the present.


Forget the past.


He just doesn't get it... I love him


how do you not tell anyone that you are dating someone for a whole week?          

Dear pervert,
Yeah, that's what she said. But not to you...

That depressing moment when you open your mailbox... and no mail

Birthday. birthday. birthday. birthday. birthday. birthday.