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so, i reeeeaaallllyyy need you to click this, please do it for me? it would mean so much.    thth 
hello there! my names kenzie. and i adore those five lovely gentlemen above. they are so amazing. < 3 other things that i adore include the hunger games, chocolate, josh hutcherson, my doggie♥, volleyball, and nutella. c: i was born thirteen years ago, on april 27th, with a full head of brunette hair, and milky brown eyes. i am single, and i have many friends, but few bestfriends, but hey, isn't that the truth for all of us? i've had a rough life, but oh well. the past is the past, right? let's just say that i live with my aunt and uncle now, and i'm glad, because they are awesome, and love me almost as much as i love them. i also live with my half-brother, who i treat as my real brother, and is my basically bestfriend. we have our typical fights, but somehow they usually always end up laughing our butts off(: oh, and sorry for typos, it's one o'clock am here, and i'm tired. so i'm gonna go to bed.

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i know that this is considered

advirtisements but this would mean

the absolute world to me. please 

don't report me for spam. just one 

click? please..




i know that this is considered

advirtisements but this would mean

world to me. please don't report me

for spam. just one click? please..




You wanna know why girls take

every little detail seriously? Because

they're scared that maybe they're not

good enough. They see other girls

and think maybe, someone else will

take their place. They look through

every flaw that they can find. They get

insecure. They're afraid of getting hurt

repeatedly. They have trust issues.

We all have trust issues. Some

people are fragile. They're not

something that you should go around

playing with and throw away when

you're done. They have feelings too,

 you know? 



You jelly? Nah, bro. I'm nutella.

When I say I'm okay, I want someone to look at me, give me a huge hug, and with a smile on their face, say, "Here are some One Direction tickets." ♥ 

dear girls,

we actually do love the brains

better than the body.

sincerely, zombies.


come to the darkside,
peeta made cookies.

when you forgive &forget,
he will remember &regret </3 nmf. 

Get over him. He's not even worth it. He is not worth your time or your tears. Yea you loved him, I know that. And I know you just can’t see yourself with anyone other than him, I get that. I’ve been there. But why should you spend all your time sitting at home, bawling your eyes out and wondering where he is and who he is with. Do you honestly think he is thinking about you? No. Sure it hurts, the fact that he is out there falling in and out of love with other girls. Yea your gonna see him with one of his new girlfriends. Prepare yourself, cuz straight up; its gonna hurt. He will hold her a little closer and squeeze her hand a little tighter just because he knows your watching. He knows its killing you; that’s why he will do it. Don’t let him get to you because that, well that’s exactly what he wants. Don’t give him what he wants. He doesn’t even deserve it. So what if he doesn't talk to you; do you honestly wanna be friends with a jerk like him anyways? Thing is I know you still do. But give it time. Because all he would do is talk about his new girlfriend and just try and make you jealous, do you really wanna hear that? No. Screw him and his girlfriend. He will be sorry. Trust me. When he finally sees you with some other guy who’s not him. With that huge grin on your face and your boyfriend holding you close, he will realize how happy you are now. And how happy your boyfriend is because he has you; the girl of his dreams. He will realize the huge mistake he made when he let you go, when he decided to choose her over you. When he decided he just did not love you the same. Trust me, he will be sorry. And don’t you sit there thinking he won't be sorry, cos I know you are. But I guarantee you now; He will be sorry. So don’t go on spending your nights waiting for that one phone call you know your never gonna get. Or that text you know he will never send you simply because he likes to ignore you. He like to pretend he does not see you online, he does it outta spite just because he knows its killing you. When he walks past you in the hallways he is gonna look past you, but you need to know he will do that cuz he knows somewhere inside you, it will hurt. I ain’t gonna lie to you. It will hurt. It’ll hurt alot. But it will hurt even more when you see her name and how much he loves her in his profile. Its all gonna hurt. Knowing your not the girl that’s making him smile. Knowing your not the first person he thinks of when he wakes up and the last before he goes to sleep. Knowing your not the face on his background of his phone anymore. Knowing if he hasn’t already he will delete the album of pictures of you he has on his phone. Knowing you wont be spending every single moment possible with him. Knowing there’s not gonna be no more late night phone calls arguing about who loves who the most. And you know what, today, tomorrow, next week, months from now; your phone will go off with a text message, you will instantly grab your phone hoping its him saying he wants to give your relationship another shot. But trust me; hes got to much pride. Even if he wanted to be back with you, he wouldn’t tell you. Your soon gonna realize he doesn’t care about you anymore and he wont be the first person you call when your upset. He wont be the one to put that smile back on your face. And yea its gonna hurt; its gonna hurt alot. But you know what your gonna do? Your gonna hold your head up. Your gonna show him your better than him and you don’t need him in your life. Your gonna prove to him that you can live without him.