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Erm. Hey there. I'm Kenzie. I like food, bands, Tumblr, & Witty. 
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Quotes by KenzieeLovesBands

"If your love is just a dream, don’t wake me up
It’s hard enough to face the world alone."
Don't you hate it when you change your relationship status on Facebook and everyone comments and is like "who? who? who? who?!" like one after another?
Like, calm your t1ts guys. 
If you don’t get a little gay with your best friends you’re not close enough.
Wanting someone, but knowing you can't have them sucks...
If you're looking for love
Know that love don't live here anymore 
'Cause I don't know who I am
When you're running circles in my head
And I don't know just who you are
When you're sleeping in someone else's bed 
Tomorrows my birthdy and I'm excited :D
Hayley Williams is h0t.

Your arguement is invalid.