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Hi, I'm Kiera. I'm happy & laughing all of the time, but that's the only fake thing about me. I'm 12 years old & I have blonde hair. I have blueish-green eyes. I Love My Bestfriend, MARIAH.♥ Follow her at mariahcareyy. She knows like everything about me & I just love her! We look like twins; she's just alot taller! I have a mom, stepdad, & 3 year old sister. My real daddy left..? But my staep dad has always been there for me. I tell my mom EVERYTHING. I might fight with her alot, but she's my only true friend. She will keep my secrets. She won't laugh. She will listen. She will care. She will help. I love zebras & the color pink. I have alot of Wittys because it helps me with my secrets. I just let 'em out there & I don't. Well, thanks for stalkin'(; FOLLLOW ME!♥

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I'm not fake.
I'm being myself.
I wear tight jeans, ugg boots, makeup, strait hiar
& that just,


Hi, this quote isn't meant to be pretty & if you really care, keep reading. But if you don't, go to the next page.
I'm in love. Madly in love. With my ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him after 5 months & 2 weeks. 171 days. 171 is my favorite number just because of that reason. I broke up with him because I liked 2 other guys. I was getting tired of him & he was boring me. We started dating on May 28th 2011 at 11:48pm. & we broke up on November 14th at 8:55pm. He showed me what a nice guy really is. 1 out of 15 guys acctually cared about me, & that was him. I miss him sooooooooo much.♥ Lately, I haven't been doing so well. I've tried killing myself. I've cut mutiple times. I've just been in a funk. But spending soooo much time with him & talking to him all of the time makes me happy again & he's one of the few people that bring a real smile to my face. I know that he is still in love with me because every day at around 5pm; he texts me saying "Heey GORGEOUS!<33(;;;" I just plain out LOVE IT. He came over on Saturday & we made out, alot. More than we would dating. But I missed him. The last time I kissed him before that, was November 28th. We still say "Bye love you." Every time we see eachother. Since breaking up with him, I've dated about seven guys, & while dating those seven guys, I've been madly in love with him the whole time. & by the way, if you were wondering, his name is Damian Jason Davies. The other day while I was dated an 8th grader, I cried over Damian for 2 hours just listening to our song; Roll Up. I kow for a fact, I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for that ginger boy I call my friend with benefit. ;*

                                         I  wanna  have  a  friend  named  Becky
just so I could say:                         
                      "Oh em gee, Becky. Look at her butt!"♥

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I gave up dating for lent
Because I'm cooler than you are.
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I don't love youLove you anymore.
& honestly, I & never
                  always did. I just wanted to feel be loved  for for you.
(read da big A$$ words)
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Scientists say the universe is made up of
protons, neutrons, & electrons.
They forgot to metion

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I just had one of

the best nights of my life

. . .with my EX!♥

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 Tomorrow will be a week
A week, of not cutting myself.
A week, of not crying.
Aweek, of real smiles.
A week, of happy me.

And I couldn't be prouder.

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I hate acne. O_o
       . O  .O
       •  ).U (•.  .
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Fave if you do to..:/
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