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Hi, I'm Kiera. I'm happy & laughing all of the time, but that's the only fake thing about me. I'm 12 years old & I have blonde hair. I have blueish-green eyes. I Love My Bestfriend, MARIAH.♥ Follow her at mariahcareyy. She knows like everything about me & I just love her! We look like twins; she's just alot taller! I have a mom, stepdad, & 3 year old sister. My real daddy left..? But my staep dad has always been there for me. I tell my mom EVERYTHING. I might fight with her alot, but she's my only true friend. She will keep my secrets. She won't laugh. She will listen. She will care. She will help. I love zebras & the color pink. I have alot of Wittys because it helps me with my secrets. I just let 'em out there & I don't. Well, thanks for stalkin'(; FOLLLOW ME!♥