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Layout CreditHi I'm Kiley(:

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm 14 years old. Cheerleading
is my entire life(: My goal is to make every single one of you feel
good about yourself no matter what <3 follow me and commentt(:   


Quotes by Kiles96

we put a fake smile on to hide 
the pain; yet, we wish
someone would look close enough
and see how broken

we really are inside



"i love you."
the three little words women crave,
men fear,
 &teenagers abuse

"You don't bring people into your life  
just to throw them away."


Fave this if your parents 

are not virgins. []

  i liktpretend 
that everything is alright.
when everyone else thinks you're [
f i n e]
for a little while
t h a t  [
you're not]


I love you. 
I hate you.  

I  w a n t  t o  p u s h  y o u  o f f  a  c l i f f ,
  t h e n  r u n  t o  t h e  b o t t o m
and catch you


the awkward moment

when you realize people really do change;

just usually it's not for the better. 


when someone chokes on a Lifesaver...

i n  t h e  w o r l d ,
 i s  f o r g e t t i n g  f o r  a  f e w  m o m e n t s
about the scars
on your wrists