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Quotes by KimmHeart

39,385,409 Likes = Bieber.

5,561,779 Likes = Potato. 

Looks like Potaos are catching up, to Bibees.



Five thing's that are wrong with me or my life.

1. I got lost on my way home from school. And I live 1.03 minutes away.
2. I spent five and a half hours on the pone talking about one thing. Witty.
3. I smell popcorn
4. Eating popcorn. :3
5. I wrote this in school.
FAIL! x3







I Smell Popcorn.






Fail Moment 1#
When you and your crush are standing by his pool, and you go to get a soda, and you fall in the pool, and drag him in with you. (And then you end up looking like a peice of crap!)