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Quotes by đź’–ForeverandAlways*

The problem is not the problem.
The problem is your attitude about the problem

Do you understand?
I hate when the same person posts like 20 quotes in a row! Like dude. Stop.
LAUGHTER is the best medicine.
 but if you're laughing without any reason,
  you need medicine
         ~ Unknown
I always know exactly what you're thinking.
You talk to me without saying a word.
We have a language that only we can speak.
You're eyes say let's runaway.
I tell you I'm halfway gone.
Hot sun on my skin, wind through my hair, open road, and a thousand miles per hour.
We're gone.
Teenage runaways now just old pictures on the walls.
Sand. In my hair.
Hot.On my feet.
Salty water and bubbles of air.
The sky is so fresh.
I lay on my back and look at the soft blue.
It helps me breathe.
You lay beside me. 
Your eyes tell me I'm all you can see.
I tell you we're forever free.
And when we lay in the back of your truck, breathless, this is what I think about.
The little lights flying around the sky.
This is how we fall asleep.
And this is what we dream.

I look into his eyes
And i swear
They are made of

              -Cinderella the
The sky is so blue today.
It makes me think of you. 
Your eyes.
Blue like the most pure ocean.
Blue like rain in the winter.
Fresh blue.
I take it all in like oxygen.
It's blue that washes over me
And reminds me I'm alive.
He's rusty and busted but he's mine.
When he sings it sounds like the dreams I have of summer.
When he laughs it's like a dark, dusty room with a ray of light peaking through the curtains.
His eyes are the ocean during a storm and his hair is the rain.
He smokes a cigarrette like its the end of the world.
He plays like he was born doing it, a legend.
Careless, carefree, slow, and steady.
He's perfect and graceful, an old soul.
Just the right shade of green with just the right amount of fear.
His heart and his touch, always cold.
He doesn't feel me kiss him.
The look in his eye is far away as he sits on the edge of my bed, window open, rain pouring.
The image night after night as I fall asleep.
The only thing left in the morning is his sweet smoky scent and a half empty lighter on the window sill.
He leaves it for me to smoke squares, alone.
I can still feel where his soft kiss touched my forehead as he pushed my hair back before he left, like he was never there at all.
I wake up every morning with a broken heart.
Every night I hear his truck door slam down the street and wait for him to climb through my window and put me back together.
Every night we fall in love, every morning it never happened.
He's the chill that runs through me when its 360 degrees.
He's my every thought, like being in love without the love.
He's mine, Im his.
Every song he writes is for me but every song he sings is for himself.
He's here in my arms but he's so far away.
Im right here but not by choice.
He's the sun, the moon and the stars.
The one and only.
The Legend. 
When you haven't seen a family member in awhile:

Them: Oh you just get prettier everytime i see you!

Me:  No. I just get better at doing my makeup everytime you see me.
Hidden pain brought to the surface when the moon is high in the sky. This is what you are.
You're a staticy voice at the end of the line who is whispering it's okay.
Calm and steady like water without wind. You are strong enough to hold it all together.
You're say it first and I love you more. Baby I'm sorry and it's all my fault.
You're perfect like the sun and warm like the summer. Mysterious like the stars and open like the sky.
Dark eyes hold me through a slow conversation. You have an aura like rain and a touch like patience.
When all fifteen are red, I say you're safe now. You tell me you need me an I wonder how.

BN High School 101

WE SMOKE squares in the band hall bathroom
12! ooooh officer Bob and his sidekick Pablo
we walk to walmart during lunch
and are 20 minutes late to the next class
$exx in the lecture hall
makeout under the stairs
pink, blue, green, fire red hair
iss: my suad hangout
lunch detintion? we never go!
hide from coach kintrell
they say pull down your skirt
we pull it up
puffin on vapes in the corner of the courtyard
weed in the woods before school
tripple C's when the teacher is turned around
you have to go here to understand
ths is life
when you forget to say no to drugs
......not so bad