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everybody, put up your hands, say i dont wanna be in love♥

Quotes by Kirsttieeee

Today, a boy I know uploaded a photo onto facebook of a girl who is anorexic, looking into a mirror and seeing someone triple her size, with the caption as 'is this really how girls see themselves? :/'

I almost lost it when a girl in my grade commented on the photo saying 'lol, only the mentally f*cked up ones.'

Anorexia is a f*cking real thing, and it's also quite serious. It's not something girls just do for attention, nor is it something to joke or make snide little comments about.

They're not "mentally f*cked up" in any way, they can't help the way they feel.


it annoys me how,
the minute someone posts a quote venting/complaining about 
something/someone, they get 50 comments telling them how they're wrong or rude to even think that way or whatever.
honestly, all of you who do that need to stfu, people have there opinions and if you cant accept them, just scroll past the quote and gtf over it.

and ill most likely get comments like that on this but lol, i honestly dont care. aha ily wittians.

that is all :)

nmf guiseeeeeee.


The difference between me and her?

I can make him smile, with my clothes on. 




Witty has notifications now!
I feel sorry for people who get 1000's of favourites on their quotes. Spammed for life now.

I hate my feet,
             my veins stick  o u t.         
I hate my  legs,
          i think they're   f a t.          
I hate my thighs,
   they always look   g i a n t.  
I hate my  stomach,
    why can't you just be amazingly t h i n.     
I hate my arms,
            i have no muscle a t a l l.         
I hate my  face,
          why can't it be naturally  b e a t i f u l ?         
I hate my hair,
   why does it never fall right into   p l a c e ?   
I hate my  personality,
    as much as i try to be nice, i always end up sounding
like a
 b i t c h.     
I hate the fact that she doesn't even seem to try,
            and she is still amazing and practically owns your  h e a r t.  



You know what really sucks about 

falling for a guy you know you're 

not right for? You fall anyway 

because you think he might turn

out to be different.

- Another  Cinderella Story.



"How was your day



 "Mum, I told you. I dropped

out and I sell drugs now."





Dear H e a r t.


i just met the

most amazing




down to earth




boy ever.




prepare to break.



Don't  frown; You  never  know  who's
falling  in  love   with  your  smile.