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I like reading, writing, drawing, and theatre.... Pretty much anything that involves words or pencils and I am there lol I spen a lot of time with my friends doing stuff that people tell me i can't do just so i can prove them wrong. I am a college student with a double major in theatre and nursing, and i enjoy every minute of it... i guess anything else you want to know then just ask :p

Quotes by KissTheGirl5

What is perfection?
If perfection was a constant,
And that constant was you
Would your live your life the same?
Would you have the same views?
Because the perception of
perfection is constantly changing,
And the way we view ourselves is doing the same thing,
But I'm not saying perfection is key!
I'm saying perfection is what 
you want it to be!
The idea of perfection is that all things are perfect,
But stop for a minute and think of that word as you heard it...
You didn't think of all the things that could be.
You thought of the things that make you happy!
That's it!
That's the solution!
Perfection has finally found its resolution!
Perfection isn't beauty or the greatest of the best.
Perfection is simply the moments that stand out above the rest!
To be perfect you don't have to be like everybody else.
You just have to be like yourself!
Placing one person as the idea of perfection isn't right!
People work for perfection day and night,
But they don't understand that perfection isn't just one thing.
Perfection is reality
It's not a fallacy

It's you,
And it's me.
Learning to live                               
is like learning to walk.
Eventually you will be able to do it,                                    
                     but you learn so much faster if you have help. 
We spend our lives working to stay alive so that one day we can die. 
Quiting is NOT failling! It is being strong enough to
know your own weaknesses!
Learning to take life as it is given to you is a vital part of humanity.