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Candace, Yuup Thats What You Need To Know.
Talk To Me If You Want To Know Me
I Dont Bite. Alright


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 Monster Are Real
Ghost Are Real Too.
They Live Inside Of Us &&
Sometimes They Win.


Maybe She Laughs
Maybe She Cries
Maybe You Would
Be Surprised
At The Things She Keeps Inside

  My Problem Is That I Cant Stay Mad I Always End Up Forgiving People Even When They Dont Deserve It.


Nerd; Math City Chick, Math Math City Chick, 10, 10, 10 and a 20 equals 50 Chick

Hi September, By August. Hi Textbooks. Bye Fun. Hi Hel1. Bye Freedom.Hi School. Good-Bye Summer.
Plot Twist: You && Liam Payne Are Actually Married. ; You Are Just In A Coma & This Is Just A Long Dream.
I want to buy a book, a book that I’ve never heard of, never read. Look at the cover, read the back, flip through the pages. Bring it home. Grab a highlighter, and begin to read the book. Every time there is a sentence, a word, a phrase that I can relate to, I will highlight it. Then, once I am done the book, I will be able to flip through it and see exactly how I was feeling each day that I was reading. It would be like a diary, but written in someone else’s words
You Know What Hurts Even More.. The Guy Ur In Love With.. Says I Love You One Wend. Then Thursday He Breaks Up With You .. And Friday Hes In A New Relationship.. And You Too been Together For 6 Months .. It Kills ; Want To Die,

He's An Oxy
&& I'm The Addict