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Hello dears :3
How are you?
I hope you're doing good. 
Anyways, I have 3 people in tis life that I cant live without. 
Madison, Lathen, and Kendie(who showed me this site) 

So, now heres some of the basics. 
My name is kitty.
I blow out the candles on september 8th
If you were to look at my imaginary ipod you would see stuff like asking alexandria, punk goes pop, pierce the veil, Sleeping with sirens, Wiz Khalifa, 1D and many more. 

I like pizza also, but you will learn more about me in quotes than you would in this,
sort of like in books. You dont see a 'about me' for characters but you know everything about them.
 (it's been two years since I've actually been on this site, but I came across it and wow I sucked lol)


Quotes by Kittyatethehuman

Liking your own comments,
and still having negative comment points
People at my church: Getting a tattoo is a sin.
Me: *starts walking aout*
Them: Where are you going???
Me: I'm holding off on this. I'll get a tattoo, get into church again and then "regret it".
Them: ????? 

No, this didn't go exactly as I said. Buuut the next time say "Kyle" brings it up against me and "Jacob" i'm going to do this >.< I swear it. I will do it. 
Living in the bluegrass, I learned to like the music, 
espicially that one guy that broke the rules.
He added drums, I believe we call him 'country' now. 
Friend: *bites thumb at me* 
Me: You bite your thumb at me, sir?
Friend: I do bite my thumb sir.
Me: At me sir?
Friend: No, not at you sir. 

         Randomly texting your friend in spanish.....

Cuando no saben español ......
So I just found out something horrible. 
I have a 18% F in my science class, 
because I skip, A LOT.
I hate being near the other students.
And even when I'm in there,
I can't learn.
I can't stand how he just uses power points.
Do something interactive, it works better, I promise.
Time for makeup work......