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I will not be a cloud in the sky. If you know what I mean. it means i do not want to be one of a million. i want to be one in a million.


Quotes by Koalakicker

he made the first move.
but I missed it.
its official i am falling for a friend of mine...
and no one can ever know
sometimes you have to look to your past
to see what you have come from
and know you go so much farther
We are strangers
we dont talk
but I like you

  I jumped in the cab soaking in the midnight rain. All I could think of was how could he do that to me. 36th and Jude Street now, I said. I know it would be atleast five minutes till we even moved, traffic was at a standstill. I looked out the window and he was there dripping from tears and rain together. He slammed on my window so many times I thought it would crack. Get out I need to talk to you he said. The car started moving. Stop, I shrieked. crawled across the seats and got out of the other side of the cab. Where are you going, he screamed as he began to run after me. I ran under the awning of the apparetment building. I just want to love you forever he said and kissed me. I pushed him away and said dont you ever leave me, say it, say your never going to leave me say your never going to look at another girl say it!
will you marry me? Danielle?
I stood there crying
Danielle?Danielle? Danielle?
I was shaking I started to nod my head when...
Danielle get up its time for school!


got together with my old class yesterday...
All I kept thinking was 'I hate all of you'

I like writing quotes like this one because....
it looks like I know what I am talking about...

I have made up my mine
and yes I like you
It is six o'clock and church bells are ringing.
I have not heard them in years, I think my community may be coming to its senses. I have never been so happy.

Up until this week, I had never felt love before.
I don't mean the mushy kind when you "love" someone you just meant.
I mean the kind where someone acts before they think to make you feel special.
The kind where someone sacrifices there sanity for a moment and does something worth remembering.
The kind where someone involuntarily embaresses themself so you feel better.
The kind where they may not even know what they are doing.
The kind that makes you forget who you're trying to be and act who you are.
The kind I have been searching for my whole life.

The moment I realized what all these things meant, he did not. He did not understand what he was doing, but I did. And that makes all difference.