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your typical high schooler complaining about life 


Quotes by Korilakkuma

i'm actually weak and fragile
why am i even trying..

How could I be so stupid to think that a guy like you would ever like a girl like me?

i can't make you happy like the way she does

   & now, she feels alone
Sometimes I feel like I'm not allowed to vent.
I know others have it worse than me. Isn't this 
similar to saying you can't be happy because
someone else has it better? I hate bottling up 
my emotions and frustrations. But having
someone extremely close to you say, "Wow,
that's not even bad. You have it good. Stop 
complaining"  really hurts. 
It's so nice to know I can't vent to my closest friend. 

why is trying to be happy so difficult?

I want to be happy

I just love being ignored...

I hate how I expect perfection. 
A single flaw can cause so much disappointment.