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         Don't Judge me until you know me

Don't nderestimate me until you challange me.

Don't talk about me until you talk to me


I got bored and searched up my name in Google
"Kendall is"
and the first thing that came out is 
"a warewolf"
thanks a lot Google I never knew i was a hairy, smelly, beast that tries to steal sparkly boys girlfriend/wife.

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"I wasn't that drunk..." "Dude, you were dancing around with a pregnancy test singing LIKE A PEE STICK LIKE A PEE STICK"


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This is
Someone who is tired of being hit.

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How my mind works Spiraling, falling as fast as my mind will allow Clutching on to anything that may help me All of this I can see now is in vain, I wait Wait for the inevitable crash with the bottom My "UP" has gone, left me cold Left me to fend for myself until once again the "LOW" will return Can I wait for my phase of lucidity Can I muster the strength to fight again This is hell on earth, no demons visible to my eye Demons in my mind rip and tear at my yesterdays They fester on its sorrows and hurt They carry with them what they can, to give to me Am I not allowed to deny this, to flee for help NO, as the only help I can see is shiny and thin It summons me, calls me to its sharp edge An edge that can solve my problems, do I listen Fear, like that of the darkest nights has been exhumed Taken from the graves of my past, borrowed for a time Borrowed to let me know that I deserve this I am the one who burried them, my demons are my fault I can see now, I can see what must be done I laugh with a lonely, sad, hurt and sorrowful tear in my eye I rejoice as I feel the warmth of Life flow down my neck I see my life dripping before me, I rejoice Laughter now is certain, the laughter from me Laughing at the demons that flow from me in drops of dark crimson They fall and die as my life blood flows down my neck like a river I am free, I am well, I am Safe and I Hurt No More

All laughter, fun and joy

disappears when you leave,
when you are no longer here; 
Happiness is replaced by misery
and smiles turn into tears.
My empty heart,
lifeless soul and weakened body
is all that's left of me,
I will never be the same.
Even though you're gone,
you're face is etched in my eyes,
you're touch caresses my skin,
you're scent lingers in my nose
while you're voice fills my ears.
Here I hold you in my heart always
as you just left me forever.
Sometimes I wonder how you do it.
How can you sit back and watch yourself hurt someone so bad and not feel any guilt.

You say things to me, about me, or behind me.
And you still look at me the same way.

With those eyes of green searching for the answers inside me.
You want to know everything.

You want to know how I feel
And if I am truly hurting inside.
You just have to ask.

And I’ll tell you.
I’ll tell you that you were the first boy I ever loved.
You were the one who took my heart and locked it inside of yours.

You placed my fingers in between each of yours.
And in the end,

You took that heart and you shredded it to pieces.
You could have just ripped it in half.

Then it would be easier to put back together.
But instead,

You tore it.
Piece by piece you shredded it.

And no one can fix it.
No one wants to.

Because they look at what you made me.
A girl with permanent tears painted on my face.

I am now just an empty void.
There is no desire to want to love again.

Because now there is only the fear of ruining
what I have tried so hard to build up.

Did you notice 
That everyone that has a cool profile

Has like 1029435923 followers?

not fair


I wish

I could find the words
To tell you how I feel
There is so much I want to say
But I don't know where to start
There is a thousand questions
That I'd like to ask
But I fear
The answers might not be
What I want to hear
So I stay quiet
Like there's nothing on my mind
But the less I open up
The more I find myself confused
It leaves me lost and lonely
I think I'm being used.
There is a lot I need to know
To help me understand
To find the truth
The hardest task
Is how to learn, how to ask.