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Slowly, as in minutes on end, the tears begin to run dry, and a pounding headache replaces the sobs. My breathing is irregular and every now and then, a hiccup will escape my lips. And the worst part? I like it better when im crying, because now, now I just sit here in misery,reflection on how sh*tty I feel.
It's amazing what you can hide

behind a smile.
I expect nothing.. but i'm still let down
Today was one of the worst days of my life
A tear ran down face when I read it.. I guess im not who i thought I was.

Change doesn't happen overnight its molded by people who don't give up.<3

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 Love makes the world go round - Your young, your time will come - trust me<3
I hate it when a guy takes longer than 10 minutes to text you back.:/

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Whats the point of making plans of your not gonna go?