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 Loved You First
Chapter 9.

 I looked at him with hurt in my eyes. "Louis, please.." I whispered. "I can't, Taylin.." He said standing up and walking out. The tears started pouring from my eyes as Justin walked back in. "What's wrong?" He asked taking me into his arms. "Justin, I hope you understand.. I like you but I'll always love Louis.. I don't want to lose either of you, but  I need you now more than ever.. Please understand." I said crying into his chest. "I'll be here Taylin, I always will be. And I do understand and I'll try my best to understand." He said kissing my head and holding me.
/// A year later.//(sorry for skipping so much.)
Justin and I are still together. Louis doesn't talk to me, the other boys do though. My feelings for Louis have changed. I still love him, but not like I did a year ago. Well, today is Justin's and my one year anneversiary. We were taking a trip to Spain, because I've never been and that's my dream place to visit. We were packing and on our way to the airport. I was wearing jean shorts and a cute shirt with flip flops. I had my hair up in a messy bun. This was going to be a semi long plane ride, but atleast it would only be Justin and I. We loaded our stuff into his vehicle and took off towards the airport. "Are you excited?" Justin asked glancing over at me. "Yeah!! It's going to be amazing." I said smiling at him. He placed one of his hands on my leg and rubbed little circles with his thumb.
///Arriving in Spain!!!///
When I got off the plane I was in awe. It was absolutely stunning. "Wow.." I said taking in the sweet smell of flowers. "Gorgeous, huh?" Justin said before kissing me. I nodded my head and continued to look around.
When we got to the hotel, I wanted to go out and tour Spain. Justin and I showered the got dressed and we went to go out. I wore jean shorts with a cute blouse and white gladiators. I left my hair down and curly. I didn't bother to put any make-up on. The paps were on us the moment we left, but I didn't care. "Ohhh babe! Can we go in there?" I asked pointing to a store. He smiled and we went in. "Okay, I have something special planned for tonight, so If you want something to wear for it, get it baby." Justin said looking around. I smiled and couldn't help but wonder what was planned for tonight. I picked out a cute purple high low dress with wedges. Justin said purple looked best on me, so I bought the dress in purple instead of the black one.
//Back at the hotel//
I was getting ready for our date tonight as well as Justin. I slipped the dress on and added some jewlery. I put the necklace on that Justin bought me fore my birthday. "Are you ready babe?"" Justin asked through the door as I added a finishing touch to my eyes. "Yeah." I said peeking through the door. "Close your eyes." I said as he closed his eyes. I stepped out into the room. "Open." I said smilling. He opened his eyes and instantly smiled. "You look stunning babe." He said kissing me. I smiled and we walked out. We were heading to the beach for our date. We walked down a pier to a table waiting for us. It had my favorite kind of roses in the middle with a beautiful sunset view. "Wow, Justin." I said hugging him. He pulled my chair out for me and we sat down. "Okay, Taylin. I have something to tell you." He said smiling. e was a bit nervous and I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. "What's that?" I asked. "I've never been the type to fall in love easily. In fact, I've only been in love with one person and that person is you. I'm so lucky to have you. So, with this I promise to love and cherish you for as long as were together and then some. I promise to always be there no matter what and more importanly I promise to love you with every bit of my heart. Taylin, I love you." Justi said as he slid a promise ring onto my finger. I got up ad kissed him. "I love you too babe." I said as I sat back down. We talked some more, ate then walked on the beach for a while.
When we got back to the hotel I changed into some short shorts and one of Jutin's shirts and cuddled up to him on the couch. I heard a knock on the door so I went and answered it. Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn were standing there and Niall was holding JayJay, mine and Justin's dog. "BOYS!!!" I yelled as I hugged each one of them and invited them in. "What are you guys doing here?" I asked playing with JayJay. "We have band stuff, and since we're staying at this hotel Justin asked if we'd bring JayJay and to surprise you!" Liam explained. I smiled at Justin. "How have you guys been and where's... Louis?' I asked. "We've been great and he stayed behind. Didn't wanna come over.." Zayn said. I nodded and looked at Niall. "How are you guys doing?" Harry asked. "We're perfect. Just got back from a date... Where Justin got me this!" I exclaimed showing the boys the ring. They all liked it. We chatted for about an hour before they decided to go. I walked them to the door and I jept Niall back.
"Im going to have to talk to him sooner or later.. I'm sick of this.. Tell him, please?" I begged Niall. I felt like I needed to correct things between Lou and I...
**. AWW! Jaylin! The perfect couple! And don't worry, there will be more of the boys in the story, it's a slow mysterious stoary that by the end, you'll be shocked, confused and probably sad wanting a sequal..(:

 Loved You First
Chapter 8.

 "Can we talk?" I heard a familiar voice that pierced through my heart. Niall didn't get a chance to respond to what I had just told him. We both looked up at Louis. "Yeah mate, I'll get going." Niall said hugging me then scurrying out the door. Louis walked over and awkwardly stood there at the foot of my bed. We stayed silent until I got confident to just say something. "Why did you make such a big deal out of that kiss?" I asked him, looking directly at him. He tried not to make eye contact, I could tell he was upset with himself and I. "I don't really know.." He spoke softly. "Bullsh/t Louis. You know damnn well why you got mad and stormed out. Don't lie to me.." I said looking away. Louis didn't reply. But I could feel him looking at me so I quickly looked back at him. He looked away. "Lou, look at me. Can't you see? Everything happened because of you. I was inlove with you and you completely blew me off, so I started dating Justin and you got more and more distant. I thaught dating Justin would get my mind off of you, maybe I could trick myself into thinking I didn't still love you and wish that you would've made me yours. But nothing worked. Even when Justin and I were intimate. You. You were always in my mind. Always. Justin could see it, he wasn't really happy, so I left, told him you were my first choice and that you always would be.. I called Niall, crying my eyes out driving and this is what happens. I wreck and while I'm sitting here all I can do is think about how different it would be if I never met you and if I never bumped into you that day, if I never fell in love.. Maybe I would of been happier, but I couldn't get that lucky because I did fall. And I fell hard, but you couldn't see it.. You couldn't see how much you meant to me and how much I loved you... Louis, I miss you. I need you. But, I can't.." I said crying. Louis had tears and his eyes. I finally let out all my feelings. I did what I thought I could never do, but I did and it hurts more now than it did before. What was Louis going to say? I thought to myself as Louis' expression shown for a confusion of words and heartbreak. I sighed and wiped my tears. "Just tell me what you want me to do Lou!! I'm tired of this, I'm either your or I'm going back to Justin. Your choice." I said finally getting a little frustrated. "I'm scared to make you mine, because once I put a title on things I tend to treat them differently. I love you Tay, I do but.. I'm scared. What would I have done if I lost you? I wouldn't be the same. You complete me, my other half. I'm only me when I'm with you and the boys and when you're not there a part of me is missing. I just.." He said sitting down and looking at me. I got closer to him and wiped away his tears. I looked in his eyes. "Louis, I once heard something from A.A Milne.. It goes:
"If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together... there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.” "Louis, just call me yours, everything will be okay. I promise." I whispered. He looked at me and pulled his hands from mine...........
**. Oh, wow... Talk about sad... Taylin lays down all he feelins.. Will they get together or will Louis leave her, hopeing he made the right choice? Keep reading to find out!(:

 Loved You First
Chapter 7.

 It's been a almost a month and Louis has talked to me. He's been ignoring my text and calls, aswell as the other boys. I knew something was up, this wasn't like Lou. "What's wrong? You have been miserable.." Justin said to me. "Nothing.. Just been thinking." I said faking a smile. All I could think about was Louis, even when Justin and I were at our upmost romance. "About Louis? Don't think I don't know.. You love him." Justin said moving away from me. "Justin.." I started to say but he kept talking. "No, Taylin, I know you.. He's all you think about, even when we had s*ex! I never really understood until now. I was just a rebound, someone to get your mind off of him and I guess I backfired on you because he hasn't left your mind since the day he walked in on us kissing." Justin said getting upset. I couldn't lie to him because everything he said was true. "I didn't date you just to get my mind off of him, I liked you, but my feelings for him were way different. You weren't a rebound... You were my second choice and I'm sorry but he will ALWAYS be my first choice... I'm not some kind of hoeee. I don't use guys, and it's actually kind of pathetic you would think of me like that.. Exspecially after everything we went through." I said gathering my things and leaving. I got in my car and the tears came streaming from my eyes. I dialed Niall's number, I knew he would answer eventually. "Hello?" His irish accent rang through the phone. "Niall.. I need help." I said crying and trying to keep my car on the road. "What's wrong Tay? You sound like you're crying." He said concerned. "I have been, I am. I need help.. Niall.." I said right before I was slammed againt my steering wheel. Everything went black and Niall;s voice grew dimmer and dimmer as well as the sun...
I woke up in my bed with an extreme headache and a really sore body. I blinked until my vision unblurred. "Louis.." I called out when I seen a figure. "No, it's Justin." The voice said kind of mad. I was actually disappointed that Lou wasn't there. "Oh.." I said forcing myself to sit up. "What happened?" I asked him. "You got side-swiped and you're head bounced off the steering wheel, you got a concussion and a broken wrist. That's all.." Justin said. "And a worried Niall!" I heard a accented voice say. I turned my head and seen Niall standing there. "NIALL!" I said happily and I knew that cut right through Justin because he stormed out of my room. "Are you the only one here?" I asked as we hugged. "No, all the other boys are here... Lou is devestated.. Taylin, we need to talk." Niall said taking a seat. "Good, we need to talk." I said ready to lay all my feelings and thoughts out on the table. "What is going on with you and Lou? He hasn't been the same since he went back in your house to get his phone.. He's been unhappy, quiet and self-kept. That's not Lou at all... You know you can tell me anything." Niall said with concern in his eyes. I started to tear up so I looked away. "He came in on Justin and I kissing and he completely freaked out and I was a bit/ch towards him. We haven't talked since then. I've tried talking to him but, no response, not even from Harry, Liam or Zayn. You're the only one that would talk to me. I know I shouldn't of freaked out but I never really understood why he did.. He made a big deal out of a little kiss." I said trailing off into my thoughts. "He acted that way because he loves you. Him and El broke up not to long ago, he was devestated but more in the fact that you were no longer his.." Niall said before I interupted him.
"I was never his to begin with. We never dated." I said looking dead at Niall.
**. Please give me feedback on how you like the story so far and some ideas of what YOU think will make it better. . Wow, this is all going downhill.... Let me know whatcha think!!! (:

 Loved You First
Chapter 6.

 "Hey I left my---" Louis said as he walked in the kitchen seeing what was happening. "I see you're busy, I'll be going." He said going to turn around. "Lou it's just a kiss.. Calm down. " I said aggrevated as I handed him his phone. "Wow, Taylin.. Just wow." He said shaking his head and slamming the door. I sighed and started crying. "What's wrong babe?" Justin asked taking me into his arms. "I just... I love Louis to death and he was fine earlier now he's all upset about us. I just don't know what to think or do." I said wiping my eyes. I let out a deep breath and got out of Justin's grip and went upstairs. He followed me to my room. "Tay it'll be okay, I mean.. Louis really cares about you, I've heard stories from Niall.." He said sitting on my bed. "I don't want to get into this conversation, stay here tonight?" I asked him. "I'll stay of you want me to." He said standing up. "I'll go with you to get clothes okay? Let me grab JayJay." I said smiling and going downstairs to grab JayJay. We all walked out and got in the car. JayJay laid in Justin's lap as he drove and I was staring out the window thinking about Louis and how he was acting and everything like that. We pulled into his driveway and we all got out and went into his house.
We got back at my house and JayJay took off to her room. Justin and I wakled upstairs and set his stuff in my room. We then walked back downstairs and put in a movie and fell asleep watching it.
The next morning I woke up still wrapped in Justin's arms. I gently moved his arms and went to the restroom. When I came back he was still asleep. I carefully laid back down with him, facing him. I put his arms back around me and I looked at him. "I'm so lucky to have you, I never wanna lose you." I whispered before cuddling up to him.
"I never want to lose you." he said softly running a finger through my hair.
**. Please give me feedback on how you like the story so far and some ideas of what YOU think will make it better. . Aww, Jaylin! What a cute couples name! (: Louis got a little jealous? And Taylin is second guessing things, oh my what will happen???? Keeep reading to find out!

 Loved You First
Chapter 5.

I woke up and showered then threw on soffee shorts and a t shirt. I threw my hair in a bun and put flip flops on and headed to the store. I needed to pick some things up, I was spending the day cleaning and Louis was supposed to come over. When I got to the store I got what I needed and I walked through the magazine Isles. There was a guy putting up new magazines. I seen a thing that said 'Justin's new girl?" on the cover so I grabbed one. I flipped through the pages until there was a spreadsheet of Justin and I kissing on the pier and ones of our dinner and me going over there and everything. I grabbed one and went up and paid. I hoped Louis wouldn't see because I wanted to tell him in person. I raced to my house and seen Louis wasn't there yet. I felt a sigh of relief so I parked and went inside. I put the bags on the counter and put them up and left the magazine on the table.
I heard a knock on the door so I yelled Come in. I heard five different voices enter my house. "I'm in the kitchen." I hollered as I seen Niall. Of course he was the first one to come in here. "Food?" He asked. "Yeah, it'll be done in about an hour." I said turning around and hugging all five of them. Niall made a pouty face but then it turned into a smile when he seen the magazine. Niall knew I was dating Justin because Justin told him because they're really good friends. Niall promised he wouldn't tell because he knew I wanted to do it. He flipped through the magazine. "Harry will you watch the food? I need to talk to Louis.." I said looking between the two. Harry nodded and Louis and I walked outside. We sat down. "What did you need to talk about?" He said. "Uhmm.. Louis, our friendship is great. I wouldn't trade it for the world. You might be upset when I tell you this but I couldn't wait forever.. I'm dating Justin." I said staring at the ground. Louis was silent and I was scared of what he would say. "Taylin, I understand.. I actually have something to share with you as well.." He said kind of hurt sounding. "What?" I said looking over at him. He looked away. "I'm dating that girl you introduced me to. We've been together for about three weeks now." He said looking back at me. I felt relief knowing we both had moved on. We never dated but we acted like it and all the feelings were there. "So we're good now?" I asked smiling. "Yeah, we're fine." He said laughing. We got up and went back inside. They were all eating. Lou and I grabbed a plate and started eating. I heard a knock on the door so I answered it. It was Justin. "He babe." He said greeting me with a kiss. I kissed back. "Hey. The boys are here." i said welcoming him in. We walked to the kitchen and niall instantly greeted him then all the others did. "Hey Justin, can we talk?" Lou asked him. They walked outside and I sat down next to Niall.
*Louis's POV*
Justin and I went to where Taylin and I just were. We sat down and I looked at him. "Don't hurt her." I said. "I won't. I promise. She means the world to me. I won't let anything happen to her. Don't worry." He said with honesty. "I'll keep you on that promise.." I said as JayJay ran up to us. We walked back inside and JayJay followed us. We sat down and we chatted.
*Taylin's POV*
All the boys had left and headed to their hotel. Justin stayed behind and helped me clean up. "So, Louis talked to me today. It was weird.." He said as we were doing the dished together. "Really, about what?" I asked him. "He told me not to hurt you and he was really serious about it. I think he still has feelings for you." He said handing me a soapy plate. "No, he has a girlfriend. The feelings are gone. And besides I have you." I said wiping bubbles on his face. "Oh no you didn't!" He said grabbing a handfull and throwing them on me. We had a bubble fight in the middle of the kitchen. "Oh no!" I said slipping and landing in his arms. We were covered in bubbles. He looked into my eyes and we kissed. "Hey I left my---" Louis said as he walked in the kitchen seeing what was happening..
**. Please give me feedback. Aww, Jaylin! What a cute couples name! (: More Louis will be added. The next chapter will be oh my one direction amazing. <3

 Loved You First
Chapter 4.

I've been talking to Justin a lot in the past few days. We've been hitting it off great. I liked Louis but when I was talking to Justin, it was a whole other feeling. I liked Justin and I liked Louis. You could easily say I was torn between the two. The more I talked to Justin the less Louis talked to me. He knew we were talking and I didn't think anything of it, I just thought he was busy with the band. Anywho, Justin and I were hanging out, I was going over to his house.
I got dressed in a pair of jean shorts with a cute shirt and a pair of Toms. I got in my car and headed off to Justin's. I arrived shortly. I walked up and knocked on his door. "Hey Justin!" I said greeting him with a hug. "Hey Taylin." He said hugging back. "What's planned for the day?" I asked taking a seat and playing with his puppy. "Well, it's up to you, I was just wanting to hang out. I don't car what happens just as long as you're here." He said taking a seat next to me. I smiled and blushed a little. "Such a flirt!" I joked with him. He smiled and didn't say anything.  
We started to play some video games and I was beating him.. "I'll make you a deal. I win you go to dinner with me tonight." He said looking over at me. "And If I win?" I asked him. "I'll  go jump in the pool fully clothed." He smirked. "Hmm. okay, Have fun in the pool." I said trying to cover up how I really wanted him to win so we could go on a ''date''. We played and played, until he won. "I won! You have to go to dinner with me tonight!!" He said looking at me and laughing. "Only because I let you win." I said smiling. "So you wanted to go to dinner with me?" He asked with a smile. "Yeah, actually I do." I said ready to let all my feelings out. He smiled and got closer to me. "You know, Taylin. I like you, I really do. So think of tonight as me taking you on a date." He said looking into my eyes. I wanted to kiss him so badly but I restrained. "Okay." I said smiling and breaking the intense eye lock.
I left Justin's and went to my house to get ready. I took a shower and got my clothes ready. I picked out something nice to wear. I put on a cute white strapless dress with a cute belt and some heels. I curled my hair and did my make-up. When I was down I heard a knock at the door. I rushed down and opened it. Justin was standing there with a rose. "Aww!" I said taking the rose and hugging him. "You look beautiful Taylin." He said smiling. "Thank you." I said as we linked arms and walked to his car. He opened the door and shut it for me. We took off and headed to a really nice resturant. We linked arms and walked in. We got our table and sat down. "This is gorgeous." I said looking around. "Not as gorgeous as you." He said kind of softly. I think justin really liked me, or atleast he was acting like it. We ordered and ate then headed back to his car. "Thank you for the dinner." I said looking over at him. "You're welcome but I still have another thing planned." He said keeping his eyes on the road but smiling. I smiled and looked out my window wondering what he had planned. The car stopped and we got out. We were at a beach. It was nearly sunset so we walked down the pier. We stopped at the end. "Wow." I said amazed at how gorgeous it looked. "Taylin.. I brought you here to ask you something." He said looking over at me. I looked over at him and I could tell he was nervous. " Taylin, will you go out with me?" He finally said it. "Yes, i will." I said hugging him. He pulled from the hug and kissed me.
We intertwined our fingers and took a walk on the beach. It was perfect.
**. Please give me feedback. Aww, Jaylin! What a cute couples name! (: More Louis will be added. The next chapter will be oh my one direction amazing. <3