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My name is Kylee
I'm weird
I love to read
and i'm really awkward
but that's okay
everybody has their little
quirks that makes them special


Quotes by Kyleeann96

Another frist, another wall,
We lose ourselves, we lose it all.
I wrote him a hundred times,
Can you  here my heart through the prision bars?
The boys I kiss don't know my name
The tears I cry all taste of blame
Bad luck and dirty cops,
I'm a fu/cking teenage tragedy.

only a true best friend
would lye in an empty bathtub at 12am
while she talks to her crush
for an hour and a half
only to have her come in crying to you
and we both sit in there laughing at how
stupid we probly
look just sitting in a bathtub 
at almost 2am
I like to think that I really am a good friend
even if i dont think so sometimes


I gave my cat a bath.
I think she hates me now..


My friend and I texting
and it goes like this...

friend: aye theres alot of hot guys over here (:
me: thats cool.. my pillow is my date for tonight but i think I may have cheated on him with my balnket.
friend: oh no! i wont tell him.. shhhh.
me: thats good because hes really warm and good at cuddling(:
friend: we need to get you a boyfriend.
me: but what about landon I cant just leave him all alone.
friend: who the heck is landon.
me: my blanket.. i named him.
friend: what the he// did you take and how many.
me: gosh.. all i had was like 2 dr. peppers.
friend: that explains it all...

So my friend that i have a crush on
call me last nigh and we were talking about the
most random  crap
then he sujested that we hang out
and i was like okay lets go to the movies
he was like yeah okay its a date
i thought he met like to just save the date on the calander
so i said okay
and he goes im not kidding were going on a date


Get out of the way you fat @ss b/itch 
this was said to me as I was trying to walk across the street 
at school 
from some girl that I have never seen I'm my life. 

When you and your best friend
get excited over a 7 year olds birthday
party because its at
Chucky E Cheese


Let me tell you a story about a girl,
she's bipolar.
dosnt like to take her meds
they make her have no personality
she hates it.
she has one true friend.
she used to have
more but they all left.
shes never had a boyfriend.
never had a real kiss.
has never done any thing bad in her life.
she may cuss a little but thats all.
she does what shes told most of the time.
she just trys to stay in the shadows.

But she's concidered a bad child
who wont take her meds.
dosn't have any friends because shes 'selfish'.
is a flirt with guys but wont put out.
because she cusses she must be bad.
dosnt do one little thing so shes beaing selfish again.
is conceded becuase shes shy and scared to death that if she acts out, she'll get made fun of.
this girl is me and there is nothing i can do about it.


Jack and Jill went up a hill
Jack burnt out on booze and pills
and Marry had a little lamb
but Marry just dont
give a d@mn no more.

Thoes days where you
just want to break down
but you know that you cant so
you just sit in your
bed watching reruns
of you favorite show eating the
most fatting things you can
find just trying to
drown it all.