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Hai'dur, i Love
Heeey' Beautiful, Itss ME :OOO! 
Heeey' Beautiful, It's Sarah Here :')***
Emm.. Im not gonna make your read all this ;o, Well if you dont ill get my ninja to ninja'fii youuu :)?, Jks.
Welll.. I Like pandas, cookies,dinosaurs,  turtles, friends, unicorns, chasing seaagullsss shouting bang.. acting mentally retarded :o Um, if you wanto know anything else just ask...I LOVE BROWN EYES. *-*

|| Supernatural is my drug.. or its just jared padalecki <3 || ASKK:DD

I Talk crap :s Soo.. yeh.

Keep on smiling beautiful :)

Quotes by LOLItsSarah

Person1: K
Person2: K? K what? The letter before L, The letter after J? Did you know that in JK , K stands for 'Kidding'. So your reply is 'Kidding'? Or K as in Potassium? Do you need some Speical K for breakfast? K, as in K/O you? Can i knock you out and feed you to hungry sharks? Skarks has K in it.


Dear Cancer,
why can't you stick to
being a star sign?

Sincerely humans.

Add me on bbm?o.o



Calling a girl beautiful,
means alot more than calling her hot or séxy..

It doesn't matter how many times you ask me;
 i'll  always say i'm fine  

Love is like:
a rubber band, held at both ends by two people.

When one lets go, it hurts the other



Love when you're ready;
not when your lonely.

If only all boys were like this;
If i had a girlfriend, I'd make her feel like theres no other girl in the world. I'd tell her everyday how beautiful she is, even when she comes crying to me with makeup running down her face. I'd let her wear her hair in a bun, no makeup, and baggy clothes and we could stay in all night snuggling and kissing, watching a cute movie. I'd hold her hand when we're out. I'd kiss her infront of my mates. I'd kiss her in the rain. I'd teach her how to play video games with me. I'd do anything to be her everything. I'd be there for her, and she'd be there for me. I just wish one girl would give me the chance to prove it too her... to be fair, she'd be my princess.

 unless you're a cat..


Not wanting to pop up:
to the person you like,

cause you feel like you annoy them..