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Hi there, I'm Nick! 
Yes, I do have colorful hair! Yeah, I dye and change my hair alot.
But anyways, I'm fifteen years old.
I'm prob alot different from other guys. Which is a good thing I guess, maybe? I dunno! I guess that's up to you to decide! But I like being different. I listen to all kinds of music. 
And I love snickers. I'm a little shy :P But If I talk to you alot and get to know you I'll be outgoing and sweet! And a lovable person! 
But yeah, get to know me? :)


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I'm boredd. Someone comment my profile :3

My name's Nick.
And I'm super duper bored. 

New to witty.. uh, my name's Nick, And I'm pretty bored lol. 
So talk to me on my profile I guess