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 And In The Moment 
We were Infinity♥

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Random make up tip!
 lotion is a good way  to take off any make up


I want to lose some weight before school sooo
A- 10 Crunches                             I- Run in place (3 min)             Q- 100 Jumping Jacks
B- Run in place (5 min)               J- 15 Jumping Jacks                R- 30 Lunges (both legs)
C- 20 Jumping Jacks                  K- 10 Lunges (both legs)         S- 25 Squats
D- 15 Lunges (both legs)           L- 5 Squats                                 T- 15 Pushups
E- 10 Squats                                 M- 5 Pushups                             U- Stretch (8 min)
F- 5 Pushups                                N- Stretch (3 min)                      V- 10 Crunches 
G- Stretch (5 min)                        O- 15 Crunches                        W- Run in place (5 min)
H- 5 Crunches                              P- Run in place (10 min)          X- 20 Jumping Jacks 
                                                                                                  Y- 15 Lunges (both legs)
                                                                                                               Z- 10 Squats

Every Fave= 1 glass of water (8oz) Nmq

TV: Whats better than a Cover Girl?

Me: The internet..

TV: 2 Cover Girls!
Me: I disagree.

Sometimes you're heart has to fall appart, before it can fall perfectly together
A dream is a wish that your heart makes

Dont tell me the sky is the limit
When there is foot prints on the moon


i dont like the new layout..
Im so hungry i feel like im gunna die!
Dad:go to bed 
Me:  im not tired
Dad: Don't argue with me just go to bed
Me; okay :[  *picks up laptop* 
Dad: leave the laptop.
*waits till he goes to bed, grabs laptop and runs*