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My goal in life
is to be married to a celebrity after bumping
into them accidentally at a coffee shop.

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Repeat after me:
I am beautiful and I am worth it. I may not have
the perfect body or the prettiest hair, but I am me!
»»» I've done so many things so far, «««
like making friends and working hard for the future.
»»» I am me and there's no one else i'd rather be. «««

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Its not the easiest saying hi to a guy you like..
So if I get 10 faves,
maybe I will put on my big girl pants and do it?


Every single conversatoin at a family reunion since I was 9,

Relative: Any boyfriends?
Me: Have you seen my face?
When god made me**
God: Hmm... ill add 3 table spoons of computer addicted and socially awkward.
God:... and just a dash of sexy..
God: Oops I seem to be out of sexy 
God:... more computer addicted and socially awkward it is..
Lol So True: #240
Putting your iPod on shuffle, and then skipping all the way to the songs you know you want to hear.

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You didn't get in trouble for lying.

you got in trouble for lying badly.

>Drake & Josh<
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