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Quotes by LPrOcKeR18

hOw long i`lL waiT juSt to say goOdbye. ten different ways
to enjoy this niGht. holding on until the end. the time i waSte
juSt to say gOod - bye. leAve it all in the fiGhts aNd all tHe *
summer's getting coLder. we cOuldnt win in the enD ..
- suGarcult
thiS may never sTart ; we cOuld falL apart
and i`d be youR memOry. loSt your senSe
of feAr, feeliNgs insinCere. can ii be youR
memory ? so get back to wHere we lasted
juSt like i imaGineD. ii cOuld never feel this
wAyy. sOo get baCk to the disasTer .. my
heart's beaTing faSter .. hoLding on to feel
the same. - Sugarcult
* piCking up the pieces of a liFe yOu`ve brOken
stitching it togeTher with the seAms wide open
you keep crying tiL you cannOt see at alL. you
keeP cryinG tiL you cannot breaThe at all.
* sugarcuLt
eyeS burninG a way to me. overwHelm destrOying
sOo sweetly. now there iS a fire in me.
- fRanZ ferdiNand
so if youre loneLy, you knOw im here
waiTing for you. i'm juSt a crosS-hair
.. just a shOt awAy fRom you. iF you
leave here, you leave me * b r O k e n
shattered i lie. we're just a croSs-hair
juSt a shOt theN we cAn die. ii kNow
i wont be leavinG here wiTh you.
- frAnz ferDinand
goOd morninG sun. sOrry i`m not tHere but
alL my frienDs vaniShed in the air. iTs hard
to fly wHen you cant even run. onCe ii had
thE woRld .. but nOw i've goT no one.
- tHree dayS graCe
i couLd be mean .. i could be anGry
you knOw ii cOuld be juSt like you *
i couLd be fAke .. i couLd be stuPid
* you knOw ii cOuld be juSt like you
you thought you were standing be-
siDe me .. yu weRe only in my way
youre wrOng if you thiNk that ilL be
just like y O u - - > i couLd be coLd
ii couLd be ruThleSs .. you know i *
cOuld be jusT liike yOu. ii couLd be
weAk .. i cOuld be senselesS. you
kNow ii couLd be jusT liKe you. On
my own .. 'cauSe ii can`t take liviNg
wiTh you. i`m aloNe so ii wont enD
tuRn out like yOu wAnt me to - 3dG
we can alL take lessOns from crayons
some are sHarp, some are dulL, some
are beutiifuL .. and some have weirD
names. but we all have to leaRn how
to live in the same bOx.

tahoma <
if yOu say my eyes are beautiifuL
its because they're looking at you
and if you could only see yourself
you`D feel the same way tOo '' '
you could say that i`m a dreAmer
whO`s had A dream * come true.
iF you say my eyes are beautiifuL
its because they're looking at you

tahoma <

tahoma <