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So, yea. my name's Lacey(; 
I like kitties, boys & cute things.
I love music. I listen to it pretty much 24/7.
I suck at witty but I do it anyways (:
I don't give a fuck what you think about me.
I control my life, not you. 

Im shy. ha, it didn't seem like it ^.
Piss me off, & i most likely wont forgive you. or forget.
I believe in miracles. and love at first sight.
i don't think im pretty, i think im ugly. 
i love tumblr :3
I love emoticons, & dumo kun. Oh. Kawaii things too x]
that's about it. Oh, I love chris drew.
If you say he's yours, I will definitely prove you wrong. & chop your head off.

Quotes by LaceyEatsKids

coffee & cigarettes;
{(Are my only escape. I've got my cup of Joe, my pack of stokes, & i'm on my way downtown.)}


i love your existence. 
i can't get enough.


« when i'm in a bad mood. i listen to taylor swift. she makes it all better to be honest. »

 {(My first kiss went a little like this.)}
*MUAH* and twist.
*MUAH MUAH* and twist.

i love my bed.*
{(but i'll be honest, i'd much rather be in yours. ;)}

You've been dating one day*
you don't love him. kay? (:

people who make an effort to stay in your life,
{(no matter what happens.♥)}

I Wonder*
[If British people sit around trying to talk in an American accent?]