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hello beautifulll,
my name is lacey. i love this boy named austin with all my heart and existence. even if he's fucked with my heart more than i can count. i love him. so damn much. </3. i loveee me some language arts. i loveee me some He is We. <3  oh. and like 99.9% of these quotes aren't mine. :)
cool songgg!

cool story bro. now fuck off.

Quotes by LaceyEatsKidss

it went from butterflies fluttering 
in my stomach, to
»bee's stinging my heart.«



Today, a homeless man came into our cancer outpatient clinic and emptied an
entire jar of cash and change into our cancer research charity jar. He said, 

Yesterday my best friend died from cancer. I wish I could donate more. But this is all I have. 
I hope you folks find a cure someday soon.” MMT.


Today, I heard one of my friends tell his little brother that he hated him. 
I told my little sister the same thing all the time before she was hit by a car 
two years ago and diedMMT


everything happens for a reason.

 I want you to save me.

Based on psychologic study, 

a crush only lasts for a maximum of 4 months. 
If it exceeds, you are already in love.


your love is a song.<3

Without music,
life would be a mistake.