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Machine Gun Kelly. 
My Boyfriend. 

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Story time? So today, I got the most amazing gift ever from my best friend. She knows that ever since I discovered Machine Gun Kelly and his music, that I've been totally obsessed and in love. And this morning when I come to school, there's a present sitting in my locker and of course it's from her but she was nowhere to be found.I opened in and I saw it was a poster and I just thought to myself that it had to be something to do with Machine Gun Kelly, and surely enough it was. Ahhh! It was a poster with one of my favorite quotes from one of his songs off of his first album and not only did it have the quote itself, which would have been amazing all on its own, but there was the picture that went behind it, too. I don't really know, I'm just super happy. I then proceeded to tell her that I won't be hanging it on my wall next to other posters, but I will be framing it and hanging it up like the peice of perfection it is. Oh, Machine Gun Kelly, you're royalty..


This quote does not exist.
Don't judge me..
You judgemental


Life will break you. 

Nobody can protect you from that,
and living alone won’t either,
for solitude will also
break you with its yearning.
You have to love.
You have to feel.
It is the reason you are here on earth.
You are here to risk your heart.
You are here to be swallowed up.
And when it happens that you are
broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near,
let yourself sit by an apple tree and
listen to the apples falling all around you
in heaps, wasting their sweetness.
Tell yourself
you tasted as many as you could

I hate when people judge me cause I cut. Like I don't judge you when you smoke. So STFU! M'kay thanks :)
Don't hit a wall...................
Hit a blunt <3
I am who I am. 
I'm weird.
I'm lame.
I run into things.

I spill food.
I trip.

I scream about random && stupid stuff.
But I like it that way.

Your perfect little girl dropped a grade on her report card again. Your perfect

little girl yelled at you last night. Your perfect little girl talked back to you


Your perfect little girl lied to you all her life. Your perfect little girl cries

herself to sleep. Your perfect little girl dated before sixteen. Your perfectlittle

girl hates you. Your perfect little girl

has given up on life.

Your perfect little girl

wants to run away. Your perfect little girl hasn’t let you dry her tears. Your

perfect little girl disobeys you. Your perfect little girl hates the world. Your

perfect little girl says bad things about you. Your perfect little girl self harms.

Your perfect little girl has become a disgrace. Your perfect little girl isn’t so

perfect anymore.

When you love someone,
you don't want to hurt them, even if they deserve to be hurt.
When you love someone, you want to hurt them, even when they don't deserve to be hurt.
                  L E G A L I Z E