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hi. :) my name is Lainie, i'm 15 years old, and all time low and one direction saved my life. i'm always here for anyone that needs a friend. if you ever need to talk, then you can always kik me. kik: Lainiekg

Lainie's Favorite Quotes

If I was a docter.

Hot guy:
I sprained my wrist.

Me: Okay take off your underwear.


Am I the only one who has literally cried over math before

Me: *looks in the mirror*
Me: At least I have good taste in music.

I told my boyfriend that I cut today. 
He pulled up his sweatshirt, showed me his wrists, and said,
"We're in this together."




  I'm not the type of girl guys fall for


Stop making villans so attractive
It makes me question my morals.

                                  "China can build a bridge in 5 days?
                                 Well, American found out how to stuff
                                             cheese into pizza crust."
                                                 -Ellen Degeneres


Gale: Hey girl. I can take a whipping. 
Are  you looking for a boyrfriend? Cause I volunteer as tribute. 
Katniss: Gale. 
Gale: Are you from the victor's village? Cause dayum that body is winning.
Katniss: Gale. What are you doing?
Gale: Are you in the arena? Cause I'm about to enter you.  
Gale: You must be the girl on fire. Cause you melted my heart.  
Katniss: Gale. Stop. 
Gale: Do you make snares? Cause I'm tangled up in you. 
Katniss: Gaaaale. Stooooop.
Gale:  Is your name Katniss? Cause you're starting an uprising in my district.
Peeta: Dude.

Friend: My boyfriend looks best in skinny jeans

Other Friend: My boyfriend looks best in shorts

Me: My boyfriend looks best in 1080p HD on YouTube

*In the store*

Strange Old Lady: Wanna hear a joke?
Me: Sure!
range Old Lady: What did the egg say to the boiling water?
Me: I don't know, what?
Strange Old Lady: It's gonna take me a while to get hard, I just got laid by some chick!
Strange Old Lady:
Strange Old Lady:
Hahahahaha. That's great. *forces smile*

... True Story.