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I can honeestly say, I have no idea what to think on anything anymore. Everything seems to go down hill. No matter what i do. I just wanna give up. Not end my life..But just end all this crap. Well guess it's depressing music time.

Comment on something you need hep with and i'll answer on how to help in a youtube viidd

So i heard about FramingMatthew, This is horrible even if you dont know him. I'm sitting here thinking he made a last quote and everything. I can't imagine what he had faced and the battles but he must have been one amazing, tough person. I would of love to have met him and gotten to know him my golly that'd be fantastic! I wish him the best where he is now and he'll forever be in our hearts <3 xoxo -blindedbylove

I want a Witty best friend, somebody i can actually talk to and relate to. i don't want to sound conceded though <3
EVERY girl Wants to be Kissed in the Rain, but me... I WANT to be
Kissed at the Top of a FerrisWheel <3