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the witty community is very special to me, especially in its current state. If u ever need anyone to talk to about absolutely ANYTHING, feel free to drop me a comment. I dont have problems w any1. all good vibes and love here.

other than that, enjoy the collection of quotes and nostalgia.



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pretty little bird, you've hit the window a few times



format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.



 Next time I'll be kinder with you

There's just this habit that I have

I throw my words around like fire

They catch on your good heart and your peace of mind

But next time I'll be kinder




we make love like we rehearse
we touch, but my fingers don't hit the cracks in your soul 
they reach out to touch the layers beyond the carnival rides and breakfasts
but, they cut.  you feel the sting of my knife
i gaze into the flowers of flesh and blood like i'm reading poetry
i realise, on the surface it seems i picked the wrong cover
the first four words I write are my name
they say the scars of human emotion take the longest to heal.





I can't escape all the voices so, I turn it up
I go to parties with strangers so I can figure it out
Run through a city at midnight to feel like a star
I want it all, even if it's fake
Breakin' your heart, split it in half Told you it all
Year and a half, are we in love? I'll never know 
I know I'm wrong, what a mistake I'll never change 





'cause i'm too this and i'm too that

i'm too skinny, i'm too fat

i'm the sweetest peach to fall

but some don't like peaches at all 




If i only could
i'd make a deal with god
and i'd get him to swap our places



Out to find me a house with the white picket fence

Wedded, tied to a new life present tense

Stopped at the drive-in of our spring fling

And then the radio played that song we used to sing


i can hold the weight of your heart in my hand

like a lover does

suspend it, careful

hold it like our first born 


you stand behind me, and i can see the reflection of my eyes

and all they cling to

in the mirror shard 

you twist and turn into my spine



We're afraid that we will never escape our past.
afraid of what the future will bring.
We're afraid we won't
be loved, we won't be liked.
And we won't succeed.


cosmic kiss tastes like cherry maraschino

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