Status: still as hilarious as i was in 2012. do not fret.
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the witty community is very special to me, especially in its current state. If u ever need anyone to talk to about absolutely ANYTHING, feel free to drop me a comment. I dont have problems w any1. all good vibes and love here.

other than that, enjoy the collection of quotes and nostalgia.



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i shot an angel with my father's rifle



Is it cold in the water?




i lifted the wet silk close to my eyes, and then closer still.
I had misread the blue word embroidered on the yellow silk.
it was not Beloved.
i had invented a word that was not there.
it was beaheaded.

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE. soak all my clothes in holy water


he broke my heart. you merely broke my life.



how come after 7+ years after making my first account here,
i still cannot bear to sever myself from this website?
yes, it is barron now but 
i think it holds a part of me for good

I miss the lil supportive community we had here!
also i cant stop posting here now help


 you act like nothing ever happened
but it meant the world
to me



it's my final word
is it insane, this soul?
he was the honest one
i couldn't give him her
he was the silent soul
he was the honest one 



 now i gotta add you to my list of people to try and forget about 



 They built me up to be beaten



 i try to stir my conscience though it was never really there


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