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Quotes by Landra_loves_mcr

well ya know what? ? ?
its rocket science to me_=)
it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all </3
&&we're all just a Black Parade...
I may be a [(f l i r t)]
but your boyfriend [(l i k e s)] it
From the lights to the pavement
From the van to the floor
From backstage to the doctor
From the Earth to the morgue
[(morge, morge, morge)]

(desert song by my chemical romance)
see her smile??
That's all she can do to hide a
m i l l i o n l i e s
*mine pleeze dont take credit
There are plenty more fish in the sea, but who wants to go out with a fish?

(no taking it from AIM today)
everything starts with
[[once upon a time]]
but onlii fairy tales
end with
[[happily ever after]]
even * r o c k *
can be
[[p e n e t r a t e d]]
You feel like a candle in a -->>(hurricane)
just like (picture) with a broken
[[f r a m e]]

Stand by Rascall Flats