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Hiiii I have lots of boxes so lets start with the basics. I'm larissa I'm 13 and a 7th grader :D I'm the one standing on the toilet in the picture xD Don't judge I just love to have fun! I'm inlove with my 4th grade bestfriend. His name is jose but I really doubt he likes me and I'm afraid to tell him how I reallly feel :3 I'm a belieber for life and a directioner toooo :D I'm goign to both 1D's and JB's concert this summer! :D
I deleted one of the boxes so oh well :( Comment and follow me I'll love you forever ? Bye <3

Quotes by Larii

4th grade he was new to scool,and we soon began to talk. In less thean a week we were very very good friends. We did everything together. It didnt matter our gender or how everyone teased us and said we were going out. We became bestfriends and were completely inseperatble. We woudl tell each other everything that we didnt trust others with. And soon I secrely started liking him, little did I know he liked me too. 5th grade came and he made new friends so did I but we always made time for eachtoher to hangout sometime or to talk about problems we had which werent important at all since we were still little. But then everything changed we started drifting apart. Everyday we'd talk less,trust each other less. Soon enough we wouldnt even look at each other. Just liek that for no reason it all ended. At the beginning I didnt really care, I got other friends but I began to miss him, his laugh,all our conversations,his smile,his hugs everything. But never did I get the courage to talk to him again and ask him why we drifted apart. 6th grade came I still missed him and that 4th grade cursh hadnt gone just yet. He got a gf and I'd get jealous but preferred to stay quiet.Every so often he'd talk to me and when he did I'd get so happpy but it was rare when he did. I didnt want to talk to him thinking maybe he didnt like me, maybe I annoyed him. All year long it was like that. He broke up with his gf pretty soon and i was glad. Almost 4 years since 4th grade and could you believe i still have that silly crush on him? We're both 7th graders now. We talk a bit more now but it never went back to what it used to be back in 4th. Rarely, but when we do talk we cant even look at each other ig et nervous and shy and he does too we both look down and dont really keep the converations going. Whenever we have to work in partners i turn and stare at him and he stares back but not once have we gotten the courage to actually ask if we'd like to work together we work with other people. It drives me crazy when people ask what happeend to us whenever they see us next to each toher w/o saying a word. "Werent you guys like bestfriend in 4th? What happened?" "Do you guys hate each other now?" "Why dont you guys hang out or talk anymore?" the same questions asked over and over. I usually glance his way wishing he's answer any of the questions, hoping he knew why we dorve apart but all he does is look down and so do I. Soon we will move on to 8th and graduate and then we won't see eachother anymore ever! I wonder if he likes me back like he did back in 4th is that why he acts that way? when will I get over this stupid childhood crush? But most of all when will we ever get the courage to speak to eachtoher? Will we ever become bestfriend again? Can we please? There's nothing that I miss more than my 4th grade bestfriend. <3
Am I the only one who likes to blast music in the my room. And change into different clothing for every song like if I was a celebrity in a concer? xD
This cant be! I seriously do this all the time! :O

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.
Sometimes we plan our future without even knowing if there will be one.
I don't hate you. I just lost all my respect for you.
You're gonna miss me when I'm gone. You're gonna miss me by my hair. You're gonna miss me everywhereoh you're gonna miss me when I'm gone. : )
I just want to start a fresh new year without all this bullshit from 2012!

So my favorite cousin is gonna be a dad... I'm excited for him liek a lot! But he's attention was always to me and now he's worried about his girlfriend and to have everything ready for when the baby is born! And it's really annoying me I'm just used ot his attention and now out of no where its all gone I guess you can say I'm jealosu of a baby who hasn't even been born! Dont get me wrong Im excited to Im goign to be an aunt but I feel like my cousin won't ever treat me like he used to I wont be his little princess he won't protect me as much he won't ever take me out and it just really sucks!
Okk so girls according to my friend justin bieber is coming to san diego in june! She asked if I wanted to go with her for her to order tickets then I can pay her it! So I need to ask my dad buuuuut my dad bought me tickets to see 1D already in august and he said if justin ever came he would take me too but I feel liek I'm askign for too much shoudl I ask him? I loveeeee justin bieber and 1D I really want to go should I ask him or is it too much to ask for ? C;
Help me please?
I dont want him to spent so much money if he cant handle it either!

You tell me to just forget him but it's not so easy to forget someone who you once imagined spending forever with. ❤