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 Boy Meets Girl + 4 years = Love 

Long distance+ Struggles = Don't give up..

 I'll be there soon babee.. 

 Boy Meets Girl + 4 years = Love + Long distance+ Struggles = Don't give up..
 I'll be there soon babee.. 
Boy Meets Girl + 4 years = Love + Long distance+ Struggles = Don't give up..
 I'll be there soon babee.. 

 With you is where i`d rather be 
But we`re stuck where we are 
It`s so hard, you`re so far..
This long distance is killing me.
I wish that you are here with me 
But we`re stuck where we are 
It`s so hard,
you`re so far.
 Latifah Angel Lyney
Welcome To My World

Who would've thought that you and I were going to be together almost 5 years later?
a 13 year old lost shy insecure girl.. and a 16 year old cocky boy meeting millions of miles away from her home town... 
As a girl growing up, i've had boyfriends whom i've said I love you to and boyfriends  that have broken my heart but when i fell in love with you i knew that my past was a lie.. I never loved anyone until i loved you..i never knew what i broken heart felt like until i walked away and right into airport for another few months a p a r t..
Spending those few days with you opened my eyes to what a family truly is and what the meaning of happiness really is.. and what it truly feels like to be happy.. and to feel worth it...
you made me feel loved for the first time in 6 years and I'm grateful for that..
I'm grateful for you..

When people look at us, they see complete opposites walking hand and hand.. 
and their right.. inside and out,  you and i are opposites but it's one of the reasons why i fell in love with you.
You're outgoing, loud, funny, lovable..
I'm more reserved, quiet.. yet outgoing.

You would rather say I love you and forget about our argument...
I rather pout for a few minutes and end it with a kiss..
I love you and i'm anxious yet excited to see what the future holds for us..
because together baby you and i will make it through...