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"She's going through her awkward phase."


Hello, I'm Madison.
I'm the tall, weird one with curly hair.
I like japanese cartoons and korean pop.
sometimes I like to write.
anyways, nice to meet you.


Quotes by zimchim*

"most of the time when a woman bleeds,
it doesn't come from between her legs,
it comes from biting her tongue."



she began to feel like
he was a cat playing with it's prey,
and she was a mouse.


"the power of love in gentle mind,
that it can alter all the course of kind."

-Edmund Spenser; My Love is Like to Ice


"the powerful play
 goes on,
 and you may

  contribute a verse."

-Walt Whitman; Oh Me! Oh Life!


"Every man, knowing to the smallest detail all the complexity of the conditions surrounding him, involuntarily assumes that the complexity of these conditions and the difficulty of comprehending them are only his personal, accidental peculiarity, and never thinks that others are surrounded by the same complexity as he is."

-Leo Tolstoy; Anna Karenina
romanticism: early 19th century movement in art and thought, focusing on emotion and nature rather than reason and society.
Red was the color that shone from her eyes. She could love one with a burning flame, impossible to extunguish, but hate them just the same.

He was blue. maybe a little timid, and maybe a little scared. His heart as big as the ocean. However, many thought nothing had never been there; when simply, he only allowed himself to dance with the soft warm shore, afraid he'd cause a flood if he gave her any more. 

His blue and her red, though two very different colors, were not complementary. They could mix into something bright and brand new. She swam though the depths of his heart and he danced in the fire of her eyes and they steamed with the voracious need for each other. Bringing out the hidden treasures of one another.

And no one really knows when or how the two came together, but everyone's sure that it's their story that was the most aesthetic to watch and gorgeous to tell. Because somewhere in the midst of all the swimming and dancing, and touching a feeling, and rising and falling --yours and mine became ours, you and me became we, and red and blue transformed into purple and painted itself across the two souls that'd found each other yet again. 

"...having gone to a soiree where she thought she would meet him, and finding that he was not there, she clearly understood from the sadness which came over her that she was deceiving herself, that his pursuit was not only not unpleasant for her but constituted the entire interest of her life."

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

"No one told Jackie about Marilyn's tendencies."

G-Eazy; Marilyn

It was beautiful. The way she slid into his lap; grabbing his face as she kissed him deep and slow.