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Maybe one day I'll become sane

Quotes by Lauraclaireex3

You're blood thirstily eager
for attention
but one day
there will be
not a speckle of attention left
for you
have thieved 
it all
for your own
to feast upon
not all who wander
are lost. 

I can't keep 

being your second choice, not when you're always my first.

a female praying mantis bites her partners head off whilst mating?

Girl power;)

people are cruel;
they bring your hopes up, just to see you come crumbling down again. Boys are dicks, they tell you 'you are beautiful' one day, and then 'its not you, its me' the next. But you just gotta keep smiling, screw the haters, cause all they wanna do is see you fall. 
my quote.

hippopotomonstrosesquipedalipphobia - the fear of long words. 
that's just cruel.
Behind that pretty face,
She’s o k e n.
7 Atlantic Oceans,12 Caribbean Seas,and 15 River Niles.
You sit there and wonder,
Is he really worth it?