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I am in love with you and all your little things
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If someone stumbled across witty today,
they would never stop to read the plain
quotes without their colorful layouts.



  Something you've kept
for years, but threw away
three weeks before you
need it.


           I neveexpectethat yowoul
                                                        Be first to walk away from me when I needed you the most.                

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      People will always judge
               ~ you before they know anything about you~




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being nice and having respect

for yourself doesn't mean anything anymore.


Wanting to spill your heart out
to someone, but not having the guts




THE GIRL'S WITH THE Biggest Smiles, Are the one's                                                                                
Who are hiding the most pain
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We're smiling, 

but we're close to tears 

even after all these years 


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Dear Mum and Dad,

 Don't leave me home alone and expect there to be food
when you get back.

Sincerely home alone


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               Whei firsmet you,

                                I didn't know you'd be this hard to forget

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