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Keep your head up; there's always tomorrow

I love you <3
Why hello there.
I see you've stumbled across my profile. Nice huh? Yeah. Yeah I like it too. Haha anyway, I'm Lauren, in case you didn't catch that already. Currently a senior in high school. Represeeeentt :)
I don't really know what else to put in this box, sooo...... follow me :D



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SMstories 1 decade ago
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sorry for the suuuuuper long wait
but here's chapter thirteen of Black & Blue
Snowflakes113 1 decade ago
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Hello my lovely follower! I started a new story this morning and was hoping you'd check it out? It's kind of slow right now but I have some great ideas, thanks (:
xxLonelyLoverxx 1 decade ago
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haha, well stalkers are awesomee XD
nevercutyourbeautiful 1 decade ago
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helllo Beautiful!
if youhave:
an eatting disorder
suicidal thoughts
family issues
or anything you wanna talk about im always here !
My goal in life is to save a life.
and thats what this profiles for,
The reason theres alot of Demi Lovato on here is
because demi saved my life. and i hope one day t meet her.
Stay strong and dream big beautiful!