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Lauren. (:
An ordinary teenager.<3

Married - to my bestfriend on facebook. :D <3
- I use my phone as a torch.
- I dont smoke; theres cooler ways to die.
- Im one of them people who would push a pull door.
- I can never finish a funny story without laughing.
- Walking up to find texts on my phone automaticly puts me in a good mood.
- I restart the song when I sing a word wrong.
- My daddy is the best boy in the world.

Quotes by LbabyyOx

every girl writes about how & her crush or boyfriends conversations used to be but when it comes to me&him i cant; even though we spoke every day til night & never got bored..

All them laughs & jokes, late night conversations, watching programs together, plans, smiles, memories, talking everyday&night, me teasing you, singing 'someone like you',

Meant absolutely nothing to you?


the hardest thing in life
is to know which bridge to cross
& which to burn.

A best friend is someone who screams to
you in the hallways, saying "I LOVE YOU !"
not caring if anyone thinks they're a lesbian,
just caring that you hear them every time<3

oh them?
oh they're just my best friends

Open your eyes kid, cant you she, she's in L O V E with you?
its almost like
you had it planned;
its like you smiled,
hugged me, & whispered
hey i'm about to screw you over
big time

&& The whole world knows by the smile on my face that ive been thinking of you©

&& Its so hard to tell everyone I dont love him, when hes the only one ill ever L O V E


You always gotta have those friends, when you can do the stupidest things
&& just laugh about it together