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Quotes by LeahxX

Who cares if your nice or nasty
Just be a turtle
Everyone loves turtles.

Don't hold on too tight;
I'll make it without you tonight.

That awkward moment
When 'chill pills'

are actually invented.

But theres no time for lies;
Because I see the sunset in your eyes.

Love is like quick sand;
When you fall in, its hard to get out.


 Control your bladder, and keep whats happening inside your underwear to yourself thankyou, it will do us all a favour.


No, my a.s.s seems firmly attached thankyou.

When  everyone  else  fails,
I'LL CaRe  «


Sometimes you need

    to let go  ...   just to  see if      theres anything worth
    h o l d i n g    o n    t o  

Fa te cont roles who
walks into your life...
but you can decied
who you let walk out
who you'd like to stay
...and who you refuse to leave...