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16/F/Team USA

the name's cassidy.
i'm asian.
and niall horan sleeps in my bed every night.
but i am dating zac efron in real life.
dead serious. 
some people i like: casper lee, sam pepper, jackson harries, finnigan harries, marcus butler, alfie deyes.
and i plan to marry a harries.

Quotes by Legittlyinsane

I have a new boyfriend his name is

If you can find him could you tell him Im looking for him?

My name is Cassidy
& Im 16. 
You now know my name. 
Do you wanna know my story?

I wish you could love me
But you cant. 

Let's play the "Who the hell are you?" game   :

Name: cassidy
Age: 16
Height: 5’0”
Relationship status: single
Birthday: may 14
Favorite color: purple
Favorite bands: one direction, btr, sws, plug in stereo
Favorite movie: charlie st. cloud
Last movie watched: lemonade mouth
Favorite book: the hunger games, matched
Last book read: matched - ally condie
# of siblings: 4
# of pets: 2 dogs
Best school subject: algebra
Mac or PC? Pc
Cell phone type: lg
Current shirt color: gray
Gamer? no
Day or night? night
Summer or winter? summer
Most-visited website? facebook, twitter, tumblr
Celebrity crushes: max schnieder, zayn malik, zac efron, olly murs, ed sheeran

if you’d ask me for my heart, there’s no way that i’ll say no.
day 3- your closest friends to you
  -My closest friend: Hailey.
day2- the initials of the person you loved for the longest. 
Honestly I dont like anyone, but I'll put up the last person I loved.


day 1- 15 facts about you 
  -Im 16
  -I have 2 brothers 2 sisters and a nephew
  -My oldest brother is gay
  -I like watching little kid shows
  -I want to live in Australia
  -I made a friend who lives in Australia
  -I've had over 12 boyfriends
  -I only have one friend
  -All my exes hate me
  -Ive lived in 3 houses
  -Im asian but I dont look like it sometimes.
  -I sing..alot
  -I'd rather move back to KY than live here another year
  -I lost 2 of my best friends this year and I have no idea why.
  -Everyone hates me.


The Basics:
Name: Cassidy Lee
Age: 16

Love Life:
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: No.
Do you like someone?: No.
Does anyone like you?: Maybe?
Hugged anyone in the past week?: Yes.

Who is your best friend?: hailey
Did you lose any friends this year?: Everyone I was close to actually.
Gain any?: Somewhat
Meet a special friend?: No.
Did you hang out with any friends in the past week?: Yes.

New Years Eve
Did you do anything at midnight? I talked to strangers on Omegle.
Who did you spend it with?: Family
Did you have any resolutions?: To get rid of influences.

Valentines Day
Did you have a Valentine?: Bahaha, no.
Did you send out any cards/chocolates/ect? No.
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend on this day?: No.

Did you go on vacation?: I will soon hopefully!!
Did you hang out on the beach with friends?: Not yet. (Weather is horrible)
How long was your summer break?: I have no idea.
Did you get a tan?: So far.
Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend during the summer? Last year but that was horrible.

Did you go trick or treating? Not allowed against the law here.
If so, who did you go with? .
Did you dress up? I did, as myself.

Your Birthday
Who did you spend it with?: My family.
What did you do?: Ate food, had ice cream and cake.
What did you get?: Nothing yet, waiting for my party.

Have You Ever: (Yes or No)
Hugged someone: Yes.
Electricuted yourself: Yes.
Climbed more than 60 feet: NOOO!
Made a Youtube video: Yes.
Lied to a loved one: Yes.
Had a pet: 3 dogs, 2 fish, 1 cat. In my 16 years of life. 
Ran a marathon: No, Im not allowed.

5 Do’s
1. Do you play any instruments?: I played Violin
2. Do you play any sports?: If I get an okay with Doctors Im starting Swim team.
3. Do you believe in 2012? The world ending thing? No Not really?
4. Do you like animals? GIRAFFES!!!!
5. Do you honestly like Obama?: Not at first but I do now, and Im scared to find out who the new pres. is.

1. If you get 1 Million for breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, would you?: Uh, if they were a jerk heck yes.
2. If you were to get $50,000 for killing a rat, would you?: Yes.
3. If you were to choose between your best friend and your brother/sister, who would you choose?: Thats hard. Pass.
4. If you were to choose between coke/pepsi or sprite/7up, which would you choose?: Sprite/Pepsi

3 How’s
1. How old do you want to be when you get married?: 25
2. How many siblings do you have?: 2 brothers, 2 sisters and 1 nephew.
3. How did your last Christmas go? Good. 

2 When’s
1. When is your birthday?: May 14, 1996
2. When was the last time you went to the mall?: May 25th.

1 What
1. What would you say if the guy/girl you like right now kissed you?: I would possibly die. And then kiss them back..
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