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16/F/Team USA

the name's cassidy.
i'm asian.
and niall horan sleeps in my bed every night.
but i am dating zac efron in real life.
dead serious. 
some people i like: casper lee, sam pepper, jackson harries, finnigan harries, marcus butler, alfie deyes.
and i plan to marry a harries.

Quotes by Legittlyinsane

You guys probably dont even care. Im not gonna make this a fancy quote. I just really want to let it out. When I was born I wasnt even breathing. For at least 20 minutes. Probably less I dont know. My mom didnt get to see me until later. It was a miracle, I could have died. 2 years later I was at McDonalds. I was playing in the play area, and my body shut down. I could barely breathe. I was rushed to the hospital. The doctors hooked me up to the breathing machines, nothing was working. I was dying in front of my mom. My whole family was there but my mom made my dad take everyone home. Another miracle happened and I responded to the treatments. I survived death once again. Well Monday, I started having trouble breathing. My mom thought it was my asthma. I went to the doctor Wednesday cause it kept getting worse. My doctor did all these test and he couldnt find the problem. But because I was having trouble breathing my heart rate was really high so he gave me a breathing treatment. That pulled it down. I got a blood test and they found nothing. I got an xray and they found nothing. I am still having a little issue with breathing. I made it almost 16 years of my life. And my body is slowly shutting down I can feel it. Im tired all the time. I keep getting sick.  My breathing is messing up. Maybe 16 is where I end? I dont know. Thats just how I feel.

Hi, Im Cassidy. I used to come on here everyday. Then it turned into every once in a while and now its every other time I get bored. My life isnt any better than it was before. I just needed somewhere to vent. A place where my parents didnt go, friends didnt go and somewhere that people could relate to me. But I guess it doesnt really exist anymore. All the friends I made on here are leaving. Im leaving too. Ill be on everytime something horrible happens and I need to vent. I just think I need to be alone and worry about my self and stop trying to worry about other peoples issues. I have my own. Im sorry to all the people who talk to me. Im going. Bye.

What if Deja Vu meant you lost a life, and you're just
starting back at your last checkpoint?

I've lost so much weight in the past few days I dont fit in sweats or my gym shorts. 

Looking for a Movie to see.
The Hunger Games, I wanna go see the hunger games!
My sister: I dont.
Me: Whaaa??
My sister: I wanna see The FUNGER GAMES!!!!
Im just going to hide.
April 26 2012. I've been on witty for a year now. I was here like everyday last year. And now I'm barely on. You guys barely even know me. I've had one or 2 top quotes they just never made it on the front. I'm only 15 and I've experienced heart break, depression, and talked people out of suicide. A normal 15 year old is at parties. But not me. I've never even been invited to a party. I honestly hate almost everyone at my school. I'm turning 16 in 3 weeks. And school is almost out. So that means I have to look at colleges and stuff. Not ready for any of this. I have to pull up my grades to at least a D average in order to pass. I can't even get a scholarship. I'm leaving witty. But I'll be back. You probably won't even notice I'm gone. Love, Cassidy.

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