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Hi(: I’m Leila. (Lay-la); not that it matters. I’m  a thirteen-year-old girl, In 8th grade ( -.-) I’m a pretty chill person, except when it comes to shopping or ONE DIRECTION!!! Holy sh!t, i fxxing love them so much<3 (Im mentally dating 5 hot british pop stars) I’ve been told I’m a very stubborn person, a smart ass, outgoing, crazy, unique, and love-able. I’m not so sure about that last one [; I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I guess I’m just waiting for that right guy to notice me, and the time will come when i meet one direction... I don't need anybody to tell me I’m a complete nerd. Books connect me to my feelings that I’m not able to admit to myself. wow. I didn't know I could be that deep. As I said before, I love shopping .I’m not a girly-girl, but who can resist shopping? My favorite brands are Hollister, Abercrombie, American eagle, PINK, pacsun and forever21 :) witty is a really great site for me, cause I didn't know that there were thousands of girls who are just like me, and think just like me. To tell you the truth, its a relief. Anyway, I have green eyes, I’m 5"4, I have brown, frizzy, curly hair that I flat-iron everyday.  :p um.. I don't know what else to say. I’m Canadian, and proud, although I live in Hawaii. I love visiting Canada, California and Europe. My Tumblr is sunxburst. Comment if you feel like it!
ALL songs on 1D's album "UP ALL NIGHT"
a drop in the ocean
with ur love
Dance with me tonight
better in time
take a chance on me
Forever young(1D)

One Direction

Quotes by Leilax3

Baby you

L i g h t  U p  M y  W o r l d  L i k e  N o b o d y  E l s e 


All i want for  


             ❤            ❤            ❤            ❤             ❤

       One   Direction

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I can't  s pell Wednesday
 Without saying "Wed-nes-day" in my head
. ♥


 All I do is eat, eat, eat
No madder whatt.!



Now every time I see an ad, 
I must check to see if it is a quote in disguise.


new "Free credit report .com" commercial..

That just made mda:)

I just hadreawhere mphone gowet.

I woke up crying.

I don't even cry over mean girls. All teenage girl's phones should feel really special. 


I'm doina survey;:

Fave if you have naturally straight hair;
& comment if you have naturally curly hair(: