Leslie and Alli *

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My name is Leslie!
I'm 14 years old.
-My birthday is september 28

My name is Alli
I'm 14 years old
My birthday is December 6th

We never get on witty anymore! :(


Quotes by Leslie and Alli *

I'm alive. But I'm barely breathing. It's like I'm screaming. Screaming as loud as I can. But still no one can hear me. Everyday people look past the sadness in my eyes and think I'm okay but I'm not. I can't get out of this hole and I just keep falling deeper and deeper into it. No one notices. But worse than that. No one cares. It feels like my heart is being torn out of my chest and it's barely beating anymore. It's hanging on with everything it has.. But that's not enough. Yeah I'm here. But I'm being destroyed, every so slowly.
What hurts the most
is walking by eachother
like if you
never even met.
& knowing someone else
is causing his smile..

What if there's still a chance?
It hurts when you find out that the one you love the most in the world
has found someone else to love.

I miss your smile...
but i miss mine more.....

I miss his voice.
I miss his voice saying he loves me.
When you are going through something hard & you wonder where
Remember, the teacher is always quiet during a test.

can  see you're sad.
 Even when you smile, even when you laugh
I can see it in
your eyes,
Deep inside you want to cry.



You know i miss you, right?