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My name is Leslie!
I'm 14 years old.
-My birthday is september 28

My name is Alli
I'm 14 years old
My birthday is December 6th

We never get on witty anymore! :(


Quotes by Leslie and Alli *

i cant sleep. my head hurts so bad from crying.i feel like crap. im so hurt and uspet right now. i wanna go to sleep and forget it but i cant. im trying not to wake everyone from crying so loud. idk. im so broke
I expected because you
made a promise.
And when I die,
Don't you dare come to my funeral.
Don't put flowers on my grave.
Don't cry and say you'll miss me.

Because you're the reason
I'm six feet under
wondering if I'll ever
Rest in piece.

School is cancled tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D its a snow day!!!!:P yay im happy!
I'm sorry i cant get over him. I'm sorry I'm annoying. I'm sorry I still need him. I'm sorry I still care about him. I'm sorry i still talk about him. I'm sorry I still miss him. I'm sorry I'm not okay. I'm just sorry.
You left 6 months ago.But I still can't get over you.I miss you so much.I still love you. I wish I didn't.I would do anything to get to see you again.I fcking miss you.I need you. But your gone and i wont get you back

I still  remeber the first time i fell for you...
I haven't gotten up since.

So your friends been telling me you've been sleeping with my sweater and that you can't stop missing me. Bet my friends been telling you i'm not doing much better. 'Cause i'm missing half of me.
And being here without you is like waking up to only half a blue sky.
Kind of there but no quite.
I'm walking around with just one shoe.
I'm half a heart without you. I'm half a man at  best with half in arrow in my chest.
i miss everything we do.

I'm half a heart with out you..
I gotta admit.....

 I miss you

A lot....
when you look inside a girl's heart, you see the struggle it takes to get through all the crap in her life, you see the lies, the bull sh*t, and the times she wished she was dead. but most of all you see how hard it was to let go of the as*hole who acted like he actually cared.
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