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My name is Leslie!
I'm 14 years old.
-My birthday is september 28

My name is Alli
I'm 14 years old
My birthday is December 6th

We never get on witty anymore! :(


Quotes by Leslie and Alli *

I'm so stupid...I managed to fall for one of the biggest players in my grade....yay me for being such a stupid girl...

Is it a bad day or are you making it a bad day?

When life knocks you down on your knees
you're in the perfect position to
just the though of one of my friends killing them self scares the living sh/t out of me...

I don’t think I love him anymore. I love how happy he made me. I love the old memories. I love the old person I know. I love that he liked  me. I love that he cared  about me. All Those Things Are Past Tense. Im stuck in the past because honestly..im scared. Im scared to lose him.but what I finally realized is that I already lost him. Hes in a different place. With new people, new surroundings, new things, new friends, new… girls. He changed. I hate so much to admit it but its true. I don’t love him. I love what I remember. Yeah it still tears me apart. Yeah it still hurts. Yeah I still cry.i finally realized that. I finally understand. I finally get it. Im..ready to move on now. I need to be happy.
I am so insecure about myself nobody knows how bad it really is.   
There is nothing worse than being in love
with someone who isnt in love with you.

There is nothing worse than being in
love with someone who isnt in love with you...

He has a girlfriend.
I just..cant do this anymore..I'm so hurt
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