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My name isn't really important.
Age, doesn't matter.
Where I live is in the hearts of those who love me.

My Obsessions && Addictions.
Music . Anime/Manga . Texting . Writing . Tumblr .


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Quotes by LetsGetRandom

Just because I finally got over you
doesn't mean there aren't days

when it all just comes

rushing back



30 Day Song Challenge;
Day 8; A song that you know all the words to

Insane by Eminem



That annoying moment when someone calls you when you're sleeping


30 Day Song Challenge;
Day 7; A song that reminds you of a certain event

Lament of the Highborne



why does shampoo and conditioner

                                       N E V E R

  run out at the same time


Those whistles in The Lazy Song



All I can think about is you

every winter day
memories of us running through the s n o w ❄

every rainy day
flashbacks of you and me kissing in the r a i n

every flowery spring
remembering the r a n d o m days you gave me fresh picked flowers ✿

every summer night
reminiscing laying under the night s k y with you

every unexpected moment
you told me [ how much ] you loved me

&& every autumn day
when my tears fell with the l e a f s ;
after you broke my heart

I loʌǝ ʎon
I love you


"If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?"

Where   are   these   bridge   jumping   friends   of   mine !?