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LexZ's Favorite Quotes



The world

is full of obvious things



...by any chance

...ever observes.



A Dairy Queen employee witnessed a blind customer
drop a $20 bill and a woman picked it up and placed
it in her purse. The employee politely asked her to give it
back and when she refused, he asked her to leave the
restaurant. The employee then took a $20 bill out of
his own wallet and gave it to the man.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is hope for the human race.


The rule "no sleeveless tops" in the American Public School dress code policy
is impending on our 2nd amendment right to
bear arms,
they just don't want us to show off our guns


I don't want to be famous because
I dont want my old school pictures to get leaked 

If a guy winks at you with both eyes at the 
same time
it means he finds you twice as attractive
Checking your phone every minute To see if anyone has text you But no one ever does

       She always finds herself
              with headphones in her ears and that one special guy on her mind.          


We may have taken
the long way around,
but we still got where
we're supposed to be.

kiss me like you want
to feel safe
because my lips
want to know
all the places
you've been hurt
so they can take it
all away.


Who are we to judge?

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Love knows no gender.