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I'm Alexis, but I prefer Lexi<3
I'm the sweetest girl you could meet.
Don't do me wrong, Don't call me names or judge me & we wont have a problem.

I'm 16 years young, I blow my candles out, March 12th <3
I have high hopes & even bigger dreams <3
I have a complicated life, you'd never understand.
“Love is fragile. & we're not always its best caretakers. We just muddle through and do the best we can. And hope this fragile thing survives against all odds.”    
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You used to shine so bright,
but I watched all of it fade.
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Why is witty not COLOFUL ):

Winter Just Came
I Already Want



5 things I hate about myself ;
-My stomach because the love handles, & its not exactly flat.
-My laugh ; its so high pitched.
-My face shape, because it looks weird when I smile.
-My teeth, they're not straight.
-My eye color they're just brown.
5 things I like about myself ;
-My hair.
-My nose, its perfect size.
-My freckles <3
-My personality.
-My singing voice<3

When someone makes top quote, it makes me wonder if they created like 1000 fake pages & went to like that quote XD

letter 1. your best friend
letter 2. your mom
letter 3. your dad
letter 4. your sister/brother
letter 5. your crush
letter 6. someone you used to love
letter 7. someone you could never lose
letter 8. your enemy
letter 9. someone who changed your life
letter 10. someone you never see
letter 11. someone you wish you were close with
letter 12. your idol
letter 13. your favorite musician
letter 14. your best guy friend
letter 15. the person you want to be
letter 16. who you are now
letter 17. your promises to yourself
letter 18. your weaknesses
letter 19. your strengths
letter 20. how you have changed
-Each day ill do one. Starting today.

In the morning before school;
I'm gonna need 3 coffees
& many energy drinks.
& A
nap during 4th, 5th & 6th


What do you buy a guy for christmas? <3
-any suggestions no matter what let me know.
He really needs a winter coat & he mentions it all the time, but thats not what he wants I already know.