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Hey Hey Hey:) I'm Lauren, nice to meet ya creeper! Since you're on my profile you might as well learn somethin about me:)

I LOVE watching movies.
I ALWAYS follow back. I love food more than anything , like, EVER. I'm weird, but in a good way.
+Friends, chocolate, Bowling For Soup, Panic! At The Disco, Boys Like Girls, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Winter, Witty (obviously), SHOES, Animals, Volleyball, Softball, Jenna Marbles, and Dan.
-- When people don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom, planes, bitchy girls. If you don't know the difference between your and you're, GTFO.
My birthday is October 21 (Any twins?)I'm pretty much happy with my life. And I would love a new witty buddy, so comment on me profile.

Oh and my holmes is Haylie (Hgirl)
Go follow her!
I don't have a lot of followers, but I love every one of 'em!

Welp that's about it.
PEACE OUT GIRSCOUT! (or if you're a dude) BOYSCOUT
Heeeeey, you just called me homeless? and ate chips really close to my face? lol well its hgirl in the hizzay! haha justkidding(:
You and Lakebed? TOO CUTE! hook me up with you know who(;
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Quotes by Lgirl

"Guys, be quiet! I'm calling my mom!"
*Friends start making awkward sexual noises in the background*
My Mom: go to bed!
Me: well sometimes i think i should do crystal meth, but then i think, mmmmmm better not.
My Mom:
Tiny hippo had a tiny train.
He loved that tiny train. They went everywhere together, laughing and playing through their tiny land.
Then one day tiny crow swooped down and stole tiny train.
This made tiny hippo very sad. But he decided he would be brave.
So the next day tiny hippo climbed the tiny mountain....... 
Crossed the tiny valley........
And climbed the tiny oak tree........
And shanked tiny crow's tiny b/tch a//.
Ain't no one fu/ks with tiny hippo.
Ain't no one.
1. Sit in toddler seat of a shopping cart.
2. Tip over til feet are touching the ground.
3. Get on all fours. You're now a grocery turtle.
Guy 1: Hey Jim have you seen my underwear?
Guy 2: Yes Frank.
Guy 2: Now can you please put your pants back on?
6. What is your preferred method of transportation?
  A. Foot
  B. Car
  C. Bicycle 
  D. Carried by servants
Fish: Man I know break-ups are hard. But hey, there's plenty of people on land.
Can you imagine the first ever cuss word? 
Bob: FUHK!
John: What was that?
Bob: I don't know....... It just felt...... Right.

 I've never been skydiving
BUT I HAVE zoomed in on Google Earth REALLY FAST before.

Me: Mom! Help! My boyfriend fell and can't get up!
Mom: Pick up your stupid poster and shut up.